An update…unedited…

Good evening. It’s a few minutes past 11 p.m. I am in bed with my MacBook Air, attempting to find the words to describe how insane my life has become. By using the word insane to express it, I fear I might’ve inferred that my life has worsened. Fear not, for my life has vastly... Continue Reading →


The air is rife with the smells, sounds, and sights of Thanksgiving. Laughter fills the air, as we zip back and forth between the mounds of food. Mashed and scalloped potatoes are in pots, pork loin, ham, and other meats are piled high on serving dishes. In the living room, the Christmas tree, looking much... Continue Reading →

Good morning…unedited…

Howdy! It's a cold day here in North Mississippi. The wind is howling and I have the beginnings of sinus pressure. 'Tis the season to have colds and flu-like symptoms. I am sitting on the couch with Chunk. He's made it clear that he prefers the warmth of the propane heater to the chilly temp... Continue Reading →

Weekly update #2…Let’s catch up!

Good morning. Happy Sunday! It’s time for my weekly update. Things were hectic this week. I spent many hours on the road, traveling to and fro to various appointments and what have you. Thursday evening, I drove to Memphis to visit an old friend who I had not seen in fifteen years. We laughed, caught... Continue Reading →

Week One is in the books! Let’s catch up!

Good afternoon.I’m late getting to my desk today, but I’m here now. It’s Sunday, and my first week has ended as I go off in search of a life-or something like it. The rewrite of The Rainy Ripper has gone well. I’ve rewritten seven complete chapters.Chapter Eight has many things going on in it. So,... Continue Reading →

Good morning! Happy Sunday!

Good morning.Happy Sunday to you all. Life is full tilt here at my house. Yesterday, I drove to a neighboring state and placed an order for two cedar bookshelves. Then, I drove back home. It’s times like this where I regret my decision to join the army.I should’ve joined the Seabees or learned a trade!It’s... Continue Reading →

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