Adam and a Mad Bunny named Razor…unedited…

A scarred man ran into the road. “Help me! The bunny is a-chasing me!” Everyone turned and laughed at the man and pointed their fingers at him and whooped. A monstrous bunny charged from the bushes, a battle axe raised overhead and shouted, “Die villain! You teleported into the wrong world worm!”

No one laughed now.

A bright light burst open behind the scarred man and sucked he and the rabbit away.

Through time they traveled, battling each other for the right to live. “Have at you,” the bunny shouted. Adam, the scarred man, tried to reason with the fierce rabbit.

“I didn’t mean to land in your wife’s lap! This stupid portal dropped me into your house. I don’t control it!”

“You giggled!”

“It was funny. Even she laughed!”

The portal opened and discharged them into a vast desert. Razor, the angered rabbit, landed atop of a dune, Adam half-way down the dune. He landed on his right shoulder with a grunt, his momentum propelled him to the bottom of the sandy hill.

He crashed into the soft sand and groaned; his breath came in gasps. Razor stood atop of the hill and waited for the disfigured human to move.

“I will wash my honor clean in your blood human!”

Adam groaned and flexed his fingers. “That stupid rabbit is gonna be the death of me,” Adam thought. His armor was shattered, his knife stuck out of the dirt where he initially landed, and Razor was making his way down the hill, dragging his battle axe behind him with a thunk, thunk, thunk.

He stood and his bones cracked. Adam cracked his neck and fingers. “Halt, rabbit. I would have words with thee.”

“I’m gonna cut your apology from your voice box!”

“Listen foul beast, I’m not a fault. This portal is vile magic. I sought to end the life of the caster.”

Razor stopped ten feet from Adam and stared at the ragtag human. He was nothing like the humans that policed his world. This disheveled castaway who had dared sit in his wife’s lap had a long, jagged scar that lined the right side of his face. The human had blonde hair, was barrel-chested, and appeared exhausted. A black head band kept his unkempt hair from covering his blue eyes.

“Where are you from? How did you get to my world?”

“I told you, rabbit. A spellcaster, Murlin, said a few words and that stupid portal sucked me into it.”

“And then?”

“You know the rest, furball. We must get out of here before the portal shows back up.”

“You go your way human; I must try to return to my wife.”

“Exactly how do you plan to do that? We don’t even know where we are today. Instead of separating, we should stick together and try to find some shade.”

Razor grunted and acquiesced. “As you say human. I’m in charge.”

“Of what, rabbit?”

“My name is Razor, not Rabbit.”

“I’m Adam of Clan Brach.”

Human and rabbit clasped each other’s forearms in greeting. Then, both set off in search of the thing they wanted the most-a portal back home.