A backward glance….unedited….

I’ve had a full day.

My morning started off early, two a.m. early. I drank a cup of coffee, published a couple of pieces of writing, and shaved the stubble from my aged face.

At eight, I went to visit my mom and had a cup of coffee with her. I cleaned out my car and drove to my church for breakfast that honored fathers.

From there, I went to a gun store with friends. We shot the bull, and I drove home. Mom and I then rode to Goodwill where I bought a Royal typewriter from the 1940s and two books from the 1930s.

Now, I am home, and I am exhausted. My mind has not rested. Instead, it’s focused its laser upon 9/11. So, I’ll tell you a story.

On that fateful day, I learned about the attacks as I drove to the credit union to cash my check. I had just passed Strick’s BBQ when the first plane crashed.

I ran inside the lobby, all of us stunned at the sheer evil the television showed. None of us cared that black people stood beside us. Or Muslims. Or any other race, religion, or creed.

We stood together as Americans. On that day there were no Republicans or Democrats. The petty squabbles of political games didn’t matter.

We stood united. Flags waved in the air, God Bless America was sung loud and proud. Our National Anthem was a source of pride.

What a difference twenty years makes.

I’m getting old and cantankerous. That’s what all the young folk would say anyway, but I miss the way things used to be.

Anyway, I pray you all have had a blessed day. I’m gonna work on my typewriter.

Be safe out there.