The last random musing about love, marriage and other insanity….

I have several things to cover in this blog. To start, I am in the process of revamping my blog. After this random blog here, I will be aiming to write with a specific point in mind from now on. YAY! I apologize in advance if  I don’t make a lot of sense. Let’s get started.

A recent conversation with a friend led me to make some comments about love, marriage and a certain religious denomination. I was a bit, um, disrespectful. When it comes to topics of the heart (love, marriage, etc.) I am a bit jaded. After all this time, I am still an insecure little boy when it comes to this crap. So, I figure the best way for me to deal with this is to write it out. Purge my system so to speak.

  1. Marriage is an institution (right up until you end up in one). Nah man, marriage is a good deal. Even the Bible says, “a man that finds a wife has found a good thing.” Another verse proclaims that it is not good for man to be alone. There are several studies where it shows that marriage makes for a happier life, and usually a longer life. In my opinion, if you want to be unhappy-be single.
  2. Michael Bolton sings a song titled “Love Is A Wonderful Thing.” I totally concur.
  3. Religious groups are great. Let me clarify one small thing. If your religion has led you to attack me or attempt to kill me on numerous occasions, we are not friends. Period. To boot, you are doing it wrong if your religion calls for the murder of those who may disagree with you.

That’s going to do it for me. 0530 will be here shortly.

Freeman out.

Adding my name to the list!

Due to the lack of quality candidates vying for the highest office in America, I am persuaded that it is high time that we insert someone with no proven track record in governance as a viable alternative to the lunacy that is American politics. I am of course referring to yours truly. Yep, I am inserting myself into the election race for President. Look out 2020!

What are my qualifications? I was a squad leader in the US Army, and I am results oriented. Enough said.

I suppose people are interested in my platform, so I will give you a sample of my beliefs and “promises” that I will be making throughout the next year. 1) I would promise healthcare for all people, legal or illegal, but all I can promise is that if you want health care/insurance you will have to pay for it yourself. 2) I promise not to break out my condescending tone and butcher other people’s languages to show how “in touch” I am with their plight. 3) I promise not to make promises that I can’t fulfill (see my first promise). 4) I promise that you will not find out about a porn star or adultery claim in my background. 5) I promise to be respectful to our allies and fearsome to our enemies.

However, I do have a plan. Here are a few juicy tidbits to munch on: 1) I will keep taxes (personal and corporate) low so that the economy will continue to flourish. 2) I will strive to maintain the rights that are provided via the Constitution without you fearing that they will be trampled upon. 3) I will not interfere into your right to live your life (if you are not participating in criminal behavior). 4) I will support our country to the best of my ability, meaning that it’s America first. I will not do bailouts or put other countries ahead of our well-being. 5) I will do my absolute best to project an image of what a proud American looks like.

Things I will not do: 1) I will not offer “free” college. If you want to go to college, take out a student loan like the rest of us. 2)I will not support “the welfare state.” Welfare will only be allowed for the elderly and the disabled. Everyone else needs to be engaged in some type of employment. 3) I will not deploy troops to third world countries that refuse to back us up when we need it. War is a necessary evil, but it will be an absolute last resort. 4) I will not promote the racial divide. We need to heal it, not make it worse. 5) I will not open the borders to whosoever will, there will be a screening process to enter this country, the rule of law will be enforced.

What is my campaign slogan? “Why not me? Everything else has been tried!”

So, come November 2020 I need y’alls vote to make it to the White House!

Freeman out.

Political insanity…Someone’s been drinking the special Kool-Aid.

There have been a couple of political debates this week to showcase the talent of those running for the highest office in America. It has been a doozy so far. The pandering to illegal immigrants has been nothing short of amazing. First, there was the butchering of the Spanish language on the first night. Do these folks not realize that English is the predominant language spoken in America? It’s the native language for God’s sake. Are they running for President/Dictator/Monarch of some other country and stopped here for a publicity tour? No, they aren’t. They must be sipping on some special something to act in such a manner.

Then last night happened. Every candidate included in the race for Master of the Universe stated that illegal immigrants would be granted health insurance under their health care plans. At what cost would this be implemented? No one knows, but the last time someone (AOC) touted this special slice of idiocy it had a hefty price tag on it (in the trillions of dollars if I am not mistaken). Does the pandering to illegal immigrants cease at any time? “We have a plan to charge our base up and get them out to vote in droves!”  It is almost laughable. The only thing illegal immigrants should get in this country is deportation. Will no one call illegal immigration a criminal act? “Telling the truth will polarize the voting base!” Illegals can’t vote in this country, let me rephrase my statement, they aren’t supposed to vote in this country, voting is a right of citizens not criminals.

Somehow with each new election more illegals vote. The voice of Americans are stifled and lost in the shuffle of the footfalls of illegal immigrants crossing the border. Four years of hysteria from the media and opposing politicians has paved the way for this to occur. Lie upon lie has been spouted as truth, secret plans of impeachment has been uncovered and we are expected to believe that the media is unbiased in its coverage of the current president and his administration. “He sexually assaulted a woman twenty years ago! He cheated on his wife! He had sex with a porn star!” Where is the evidence that he assaulted this woman twenty years ago? Is this another Blasey-Ford accuse and destroy mission? As far as him cheating on his wife and having sex with a porn star, I don’t care. It isn’t my marriage he is ruining.

In America we are expected to be smart enough to operate the equipment to keep the rich in power but dumb enough to follow the masses. Be careful when following the masses, the “m” is silent. One would think that in an enlightened society we would understand the acceptance of criminal activity and behavior destroys our way of life. Allowing mass immigration into this country and bestowing “rights” upon them like they are citizens opens the flood gates to a new plethora of issues. Our infrastructure can’t handle the load.

I digress.

Freeman out.

Lessons learned from watching 24…

Lessons learned from watching 24:

  1. Don’t trust anyone. Everyone is susceptible to corruption and will turn on you.
  2. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Case in point: Season 4 Jack falls in love with Audrey and vice versa. The love affair is doomed to fail due to her complex feelings for her ex-husband. In the end, neither get her.
  3. The enemy is sometimes closer than you think.
  4. Everyone is shady.
  5. Everyone uses people to get ahead
  6. Some people are okay with murdering their children
  7. The President is surrounded by terrorists
  8. The US government is too big to fail
  9. Watch out for the First Lady
  10. Everyone cheats on their significant other. If they aren’t cheating, they are thinking about it!
  11. Don’t drink the tea       
  12. Watch out for family
  13. When in doubt kill everyone
  14. Good guys weapons never run out of ammo
  15. Jack changes magazines at inopportune times
  16. Tough guys are overly sensitive
  17. Bad guys can’t hit anything
  18. CTU’s computer protection is low grade
  19. If anything, bad happens everyone holds Jack responsible
  20. Jack is always on the verge of a divorce or breakup
  21. Heroin addicts are tactical geniuses
  22. The screening process at CTU is non-existent
  23. Nothing is ever as simple as it appears
  24. Mommy may poison your girlfriend, but you can trust her to keep you safe!
  25. If your girl is pulling away from you, let go. She wouldn’t be running away if she wanted to be with you!
  26. Every romantic happening in 24 is amped up intensely. Kissing requires shoving your partner forcefully against the wall, even holding hands looks painful!
  27. No one tells the truth
  28. Schizophrenia is no joke, keep them away from sharp objects
  29. Speaking of medical issues, take your pills!
  30. Daddy will authorize your torture
  31. Everyone wants to be loved, but not everyone deserves to be
  32. Husband will kill you if you disobey
  33. People react weirdly to being shot
  34. Every threat has multiple levels
  35. There is only the truth, so do what you must to obtain it

Of course, these are lessons learned from a television series. Therefore, it has no bearing in real life (some of it may be applicable) but I thought I would share some humor this evening.

Freeman out.