I don't like it!

My writing has been political the past few days. With the impeachment of President Trump, his acquittal, and the firings of those involved with the impeachment process, it is difficult to not fall into the trap to write about it.

I don’t like it.

When I first started this blog, I figured I would make it a generalized blog. One where I wrote about things that interested me. Freeman’s Front Porch Musings was never meant to be a political blog concerning the issues America faces. As I have written more and more, it seems the blog has become a sounding board for my opinion on politics.

I really don’t like it.

However, it can’t be overstated that the fate of America rests in the hands of her citizens. This may be why I keep writing political crap. Introspectively, I believe the reason I have been writing about it is because it seems to be easy to find the humor in it. Each side seems to be marionettes waiting for their strings to be pulled.

I still don’t like it.

Therefore, something must change. It has never been my intention to alienate my audience. There seems to be little choice, I must find a specific lane for my writing to travel down, and I don’t think I can cut it as a political satirist.

It seems I am doomed to wander blindly from one topic to the other. For example, this morning I have written about the weather, and now I write an apology for flooding my blog with political postings. What’s next? Shall I pen an op-ed on why dog lovers are superior to cat lovers? Why an elephant would make a horrible pet?

My brain does this thing where it drifts from subject to subject, and idly clicks on one to write about. I am sporadic like the Jonny Lee Miller take on Sherlock Holmes in the television show Elementary. Fidgeting within myself, I try to prove I am the writer I seek to be. Everyone tells me it’s not a competition, but it is too me.

And I don’t like it.

10 February 2020

Rainy day blues….

It is after 0430 and the rain is falling.

My poor yard is never going dry out. It is insane how much rain we have received in the past month. Most of the month January was drenched with the wet stuff. Gah, I am tired of rain.

Please, don’t confuse this with a undying love of heat.

Serving in the Middle East broke me of liking heat. I arrived in the oven of Kuwait in March 2004. When I stepped off the bus, the heat took my breath away. Literally, I felt like I a loaf of bread. I was the dough, and the heat was the furnace. In March, it was 117 degrees.

After two weeks of train up, we drove into Iraq. Surprisingly, it was cooler in Iraq than it was in Kuwait. However, it did not take long for that to change. The hottest day I saw while deployed was over 140 degrees. It was so hot, the only way to test it was via a wet bulb test.

So, I suppose I am okay with rain. I tend to favor a nice 70 degree day, with a mild breeze. As much as I complain, the weather does not fall under my purview. Hence, from this day forward, I am done complaining about it.

I hope you all have a wonderful day, regardless of what the weather may bring.

Until next time,


10 February 2020

Thoughts about the 2nd Amendment and gun control….

It is a little after 0300 as I gather my thoughts to write. Some days, the magic just happens. I sit down and words type themselves and other days, I struggle to make sense of anything. This morning, I have been buffered with memes on my Facebook timeline which all have the same message, “think of the children.” Without fail, this seems to be the argument of people who seek to persuade me to be more open-minded concerning gun control measures in our country. Actually, it tends to be the last remark made prior to succumbing to name calling, by those far more tolerant than I.

Ah well, I suppose I can spare a few moments to discuss my stance on gun control before heading out to breakfast.

Herein lies my problem with gun control measures. Laws have already been generated, which restrict the ownership of certain weapons to the general public. For example, no one is allowed to own an automatic weapon. It doesn’t matter if you pass a psychological test, have no felonies, or have been nominated for sainthood by the good Mother Teresa, you can’t own one. Mind you, this piece of legislature violates the Constitution, but we will set that point to the side for now.

Certain states restrict magazine capacity. “Who needs more than ten rounds?” Well, given the fact most of us don’t have 24/7 security for our families and it is solely dependent upon us to protect said family, the better question would be, “Who are you to suggest I only need ten rounds?” Few of us are as accurate in our firearm qualification as a Tier One operator. Therefore, it is possible we may need more than ten rounds. What if there are multiple attackers? What if we miss? What if we must reload in the middle of a fight for our lives? These questions point to the useless restrictions on magazine capacity.

Think of the children.

Another issue with gun control (from my viewpoint) is the ever-tightening regulation on various additions one can make to our firearm. Sure, you can have a laser sight on your pistol or a flashlight on your shotgun. However, when there is a tragic mass shooting, the cry for gun owners to give up more of their freedom is resounded from the Halls of Lunacy (aka Washington.) Bump stocks are the latest victim of said regulation. Yes, I am aware the mass shooter in Vegas used a bump stock during his spree killing. Does that make every gun owner a mass shooter? I would like an answer to this question, not an emotional plea for me to think of the children.

The Second Amendment is constantly being assaulted by the lunatics that operate in the fantasy world found in the Halls of Lunacy. They could care less about the children and are only concerned with pushing their agenda. “How dare I suggest they could care less about the children?” Watch the video of Governor Ralph Northam describing the murder of a newborn child (aka third trimester, late term abortion.) At no point does he even hesitate to describe the gruesomeness of this action, instead he seems to revel in the mass killings he has taken part in. You don’t get to lecture me about children when you’re hands are soaked in the blood of innocent newborns.

Now let’s talk about the Constitution and what it applies to. The Second Amendment doesn’t give us the right to have a national army nor does it apply only to hunting. Rather, it allows WE THE PEOPLE to stand against a tyrannical government. At the very end of the wording it states, “shall not be infringed.” Hmm, then I humbly submit any legislature regulating the selling of weapons or attachments are unconstitutional. Let me spell it out for those who would say the Founding Fathers could not envision the evolution of weapons. You are probably correct, but they could envision a tyrannical government that sought to regulate every aspect of their citizens lives. As a matter of fact, they had just fought a war over it when they penned the Constitution. Thus, the imperative language at the end of the Second Amendment isn’t a request but an order to the government. “You shall not infringe upon the right of American citizens to keep and bear arms. You shall not infringe upon their right to form a militia.” It is written in black and white, how hard can it be to understand?

Think of the children…

Lastly, I would suggest crime would be lower, if more people were armed and proficient in the use of said weapon. It is a proven fact that if a person looks prepared for trouble, they tend to be left alone. If you doubt my logic, take the time to go through the sites of mass shootings and look at the targeted areas. Almost none of these attacks took place where hard targets were found. Instead, they took place in “gun free” zones (i.e. movie theaters, concerts, bars, schools, etc.)

These are just a few thoughts I have on the useless nature of gun control measures. I hope I have laid out my case to where it is easy to understand, and in a way, it is not offensive.

Until next time,


07 February 2020

Thoughts about Mr. Romney, and the danger of group think and double speak…

I have been reading about Mitt Romney and his vote against President Trump’s acquittal. Many folk claim this is nothing new, Romney is a RINO (Republican in name only.) While I believe Mr. Romney should support his party, he is free to vote however he chooses. Is it any different from John McCain and the numerous times he failed to vote with his party on the issues they sought to engage on?

It is comical to think Mr. Romney holds the power to sink the “none-burger” which was the impeachment fiasco. Let me not forget my place, I’m just a country bumpkin who shares his thoughts via this blog. I’m not a politician, nor a political advisor. My understanding is limited to what I read and a few trusted sites which have proven to be non-partisan.


General Patton once said, “If everyone is thinking the same way, someone isn’t thinking.” This entire fiasco shines a spotlight on the dangers of group think and double speak. As a writer who seeks to pen a fictional novel, the narrative of these proceedings illuminate how much I lack in the development of plot structure. Mr. Romney did not pen the narrative, but he played a key role in trying to change the minds of his colleagues in the Republican sector. It is not a part just anyone could play. In Christian lingo, we would say Mr. Romney is a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

Because of his role in these proceedings and the knowledge he is nothing more than a Democrat playing at being a Republican, the party should remove him immediately. If Mr. Romney chooses to stand with his allies in the Democratic Party, then make him be a Democrat. If he chooses to run as a Republican, then he needs to stand with his allies in the Republican Party. As it stands now, he can’t be trusted to be honest and upright with his colleagues on the right.

Both parties need to get back to the grass roots of their founding. This partisan drivel, the over dramatic acting, and the outright hypocrisy of both parties is a national embarrassment. There were no winners in this fiasco. Mr. Romney played his role, and he can attempt to explain it by shielding it with his “faith” but the truth remains…he is as much a traitor as Benedict Arnold or Judas Iscariot. He may not have sold out an innocent man, nor given information to the enemies of the United States, but he knowingly put his dislike of the president above the cause of justice.

The current president is a flawed man, and while he is far from perfect, he has done his best to bring America back to good standing. Mr. Romney can’t see past his own dislike of Mr. Trump’s personality to see the truth of the matter. Personally, I don’t think it would have mattered either way. Mr. Romney could care less about the truth; he is more interested in putting his name into the running for president again. Obviously, Mr. Romney wouldn’t be able to enter the 2020 race, but 2024 is a different story.

In the end, Mr. Romney shows why the most dangerous thing on this planet is a friend with an agenda. He can claim he voted his conscious, that his faith guided him to vote against an immoral president, but it still doesn’t keep his actions against his own party from being treasonous.

06 February 2020

Book covers and other randomness…

I am going to limit my words on the acquittal of President Trump and focus on the importance of updated book covers.

To my chagrin, Barnes and Nobles are remaking the covers of classic literature to be more inclusive and diverse. In my humble opinion this is a fail. I have a question I would like to pose: Exactly what good will come out of this action? First, most people do not read classic literature. When was the last time you saw a teen walking around with a copy of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein? Or the Dicken’s classic A Tale of Two Cities? Does anyone read Macbeth? Hamlet? 1984? Romeo and Juliet?

It is nothing more than empty posturing, an attempt to boost book sales in a section which receives fewer visits than the graphic novels. I do understand that some of these books I listed are hard to read. It taxes the imagination to place yourself in the environment the author has created. Some books are easier to read than others. However, I do not think changing the covers is the correct answer to make it more appealing. If this was the only thing to ruffle my feathers this morning. I would be okay. But wait there’s more….

Again, to my chagrin, an unnamed representative made a statement concerning how 48 Senators represented 18 million more Americans than the other 52 Senators which acquitted the president yesterday. “This isn’t fair!” she boldly claimed. Um, America is a Constitutional Republic where every American has a voice. It’s not a numbers game where whoever has the most constituents set the rules for the rest of the drones. I would tell this unnamed individual to crack open a history book, but alas, I am sure the cover isn’t diversified enough.

And, that brings me to the end of this pile of randomness. I hope this finds you all in good health and better spirits.


06 February 2020

A random thought about the SOTU address….

I am not one for watching the news, nor am I one to watch The State of the Union address.

Tuesday morning, I made the 4.5 hour drive to my place of birth, and due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to spend the night with my brother and his family. Given it is his house I was a guest in, and his tv, we watched the president’s address to the nation. I was impressed with the achievements of the administration and the forecast of more good things which appear to be on the horizon. One thing really grabbed my attention and it was the honoring of the last remaining Tuskegee pilot from World War II. As this elderly man stood to his feet, I could feel emotion come over me, He lifted his hand and saluted our president.

This man is 100 years old and he still loves and honors his country.

Through all the trouble, the strife, the lies, and the pain, this man is a prime example of boundless hope and faith. He represents love which is deeper than the mere uttering of verbiage. This man may not agree with everything the president has done, he may not agree with his personal choices, or his lack of self-control, but he understands we are stronger together than we are apart.

As I watched this man stand to his feet, smile and salute the president, I recognized a familiar feeling.

I am proud to be an American.

5 February 2020