Trip (continued)

Today, my dad and brother joined me in visiting Tuscumbia, Alabama. We went to an old-fashioned general store. My brother and I pitched in to purchase my dad a new Case knife. Then it was home to cook steaks in honor of my parents achievement of spending 50 years together.

In case you are wondering that is 18,250 days together. Who says true love doesn’t exist? My parents example sets the bar very high for me. Ah well, here is to another 50 for them!

Take care.


I made a trip home today. My parents celebrate their 50th anniversary, and my brother took the week off to be with them.

I am tired and glad to be home but it was worth it.

New progress on AWID….

A Walk in Darkness has been a struggle to write. The reasons are numerous, my mistakes are too painful to relive being chief among them. Thus, I quit working on it and started on a Christmas story for the Mississippi Christian Writers Association. I wrote about 6.000 words for the Christmas Story and gradually it stalled. However, a friend and I were chatting last night about it and she recommended I find another way to use it. As we sat there talking and discussing the Christmas Story, it struck me I could use it as part of AWID.  Voila! I added another 3,000 words today and it appears even more words may be used before it is all said and done.

It pays to have good people in your corner. May the Lord forgive me when I forget this truth or take it for granted.

1 January 2020


I have been struggling with several different things this month. My failure as a dad, my struggle as a Christian, and the Christmas holiday to name a few. Then there is my struggle as a writer. My words have stopped flowing, I struggle to write more than a few sentences, and some things still hasn’t come together.

It’s enough to frustrate a person.

However, the past couple of days has revealed to me the source of my problems. I haven’t been able to accept there are things I can’t change. My frustration is grounded in this simple truth, “you can’t change what is.”

Thus, my goal for 2020 is to accept what life gives me. To change the things in my life which are holding me back, and to let go of the things I can’t control. I am looking forward to what the new year will bring me.


30 December 2019

Round 1

Well, its gonna be a Tiger throwdown in the National Championship. Oklahoma laid down like a whipped dog, and Ohio State held on to the bitter end, but Clemson proved to be too much. I was surprised by the officiating, or the lack of it. Both games had their share of hard hits, but the Clemson game was brutal. In the short time I watched the game, there were several shots that should have been called targeting. I understand the importance of the game but it shouldn’t be so important it outweighs the health risks.

Congratulations to the Clemson Tigers and LSU. It should be a great college championship.

28 December 2019