Week One is in the books! Let’s catch up!

Good afternoon.
I’m late getting to my desk today, but I’m here now. It’s Sunday, and my first week has ended as I go off in search of a life-or something like it. The rewrite of The Rainy Ripper has gone well. I’ve rewritten seven complete chapters.
Chapter Eight has many things going on in it. So, I’m not sure when I will hit chapter nine. Still, it’s been a productive week in the writing arena.
Now, for things not related to writing.
I’ve enjoyed my time outdoors. I am working around my house. This entails cleaning, getting rid of things no longer needed or wanted, and straightening out my shop. So far, so good.
All in all, it’s been a good week. Tomorrow starts a new one, and it’s filled with the promise of a new adventure. I plan to clean my typewriters and get them operational. The rewrite will continue. I hope to add another 10-15 thousand words to it. Also, I would like to go hike out near the state park. I should also hear about my cedar bookshelves, and fingers crossed, they should be done by next weekend.
So, lots to look forward too. As usual, there’s plenty that I need to accomplish, and with God’s grace, I will get it done.
You guys take care of yourself, and I will check in next Sunday.

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