A few words about reassessment and continuation…unedited…

Good morning.

It’s almost five a.m. here. I am preparing to drive to a neighboring state in search of bookshelves for my library. Sleep eluded me for most of the night, but I’m okay. Yesterday afternoon, I sat at my desk and worked on another rewrite. After failing so spectacularly on A Hot Day Down South, things are going better with The Murder Business.

Between bursts of writing, I read the answers to questions asked to one of my favorites, if not my favorite, author. In his unique way, he said that he wrote for 10-11 hours per day and read 150 books per year. My tiny mind was blown by this ‘fact.’ I’ve read five books this year.

Still, I asked myself a question. What am I doing exactly?

I claim to be authoring books, but I’m all over the place. Sure, I’ve drafted several, but I’ve never finished one. That stopped me in my tracks. How many times have I wrote that writers write, but not once have I ever written that authors finish?

Therein lies my point and problem this morning. Yesterday, as I sat at my desk, my mind empty, and my eyes locked on the flashing cursor on my screen, I thought of finishing. As a soldier, I ran miles upon miles during my stint as a ‘protector of freedom’ or what have you. I never stopped until I finished my course. When I went to college, I didn’t stop until I came away with my diploma.

So, why am I stopping now?

The realization that I’ve not finished one story to completion hit me like a ton of bricks. If I ever hope to add the word novelist to my ‘bio’, I’ve got work to do. I’m closing in on two hundred consecutive days having posted to my blog, something I am incredibly proud of as I’ve tried to distill writing daily into a habit. Still, I wonder how far I’ve come in my journey, and how many more miles I must go before I am equally proud to call myself a novelist.

My fight has only begun, but I won’t give up. Instead, I’ll continue to walk the path. So, I would encourage you today, continue to work hard on your dreams. Reassess if you must, but don’t give up. Life’s too fleeting to fall short of your goals.

I’ll see you down the road.


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