The Murder Business…The rewrite continues…unedited/incomplete…

Konan and Lilly left the scene after everyone else. Lilly sat on a boulder that overlooked a steep hollow. Konan sat beside her and put his arm about her shoulders. He pulled her close until she gained control of her emotions.
“What kind of sicko would do this, Konan?”
“I don’t know, Lilly.”
“You know Tammy hates you, right? She thought your lack of disgust was indicative of your guilt.”
Konan shrugged nonchalantly and grinned at Lilly. She scoffed and shook her head; a giggle escaped her. “It’s always the same thing Lilly. I’m not like everyone else, therefore, I’m scorned until someone needs a scapegoat. Then, I serve a purpose. Trust me, this isn’t the first time I’ve walked this road.”
Even as he said it, Konan’s mind drifted back to his past.

July 2004:
Convoy Alpha dismounted and rushed into a small cave near a place called Hitt. Someone had chained Red Sammi to a wall, and she no longer resembled the woman Konan had known.
“What do you see, Alpha?”
Konan pressed the mic and grimaced at the rank smell that filled his nostrils. He buried his mouth and nostrils into his shirt sleeve and said, “It’s her, barely. Wild dogs ate her face and most of her torso.”
“How? She was armed.”
“Yeah, she still is. Her sidearm is in its holster, but her rifle’s gone.”
“Then how?”
“Someone did this to her, Billy. They chained her to the wall, chained her arms overhead, and sliced her guts open. The dogs followed the scent and…”
“Alright. Get out of there. We’ll hire a local to dig her out.”

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