This morning’s musing…unedited…

Today marks my six-month streak when it comes to posting on my blog. That’s 180 days straight. While I’m proud of my continuation with trying to hone my craft, I have begun to wonder about the quality of my posts.

I’m going out on a limb here, but October has started off as ‘the month I doubt myself’ or some such craziness. I’ve never had this problem, but since the rewrite I’ve been filled with various insecurities.
It’s almost like I’m the panic-filled, self-loathing writer that I’ve read about on Pinterest and other ‘writing’ sites. I’ll say this, today (or yesterday it’s all becoming a blur at this point) I managed to write 1200 words of the rewrite. That’s far below my average for daily writing, but it’s the most I’ve written at any point in the past week.

Ergo, I’m back on track, until the next roadblock.

Even this morning, as I stood out on the porch with Chunk, as we watched the sunlight warm the fields, and the murder of crows unleash caws of fury down in the holler by the side of my house, I struggled to come up with the next phase of the story.

It’ll come to me. I have no doubts of that. I’m not sure when it’ll come, but I know that the story will come out. It has too.

Otherwise, it’s gonna drive me mad.

Anyway, here’s to you guys. Thanks for all the support and love, and as always I wish you guys the absolute best possible day. Stay safe and be blessed.

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