A small portion of AHDDS…the rewrite/reconstruction continues…unedited…

Konan walked up and stood next to Wiggins, and he lifted his eyes to stare at the brash agent. “You don’t care? Agent, you best dig your head out of your butt and look around you. You’re not at your cushy office in Jackson. You’re in our house, and we’ve got you outnumbered.”
Amir balked and backed up. He took a deep breath and said, “I didn’t mean to come out like that. I feel for you all, and I’m sorry for your loss. However, I can’t let any of you jeopardize our work. This is our first time getting an undercover agent in with this group.”
“Oh yeah,” Janko snapped. “What’s so special about that?”
“Bray Farkin was one of the Army’s best and brightest. Until he decided he didn’t want to fight our wars anymore. Farkin fought guerrilla campaigns all over the world. Now he’s recruiting like-minded individuals to join him. Bray’s charismatic, well-spoken, and ruthless.”
“He hasn’t done anything illegal here,” Manson said. “We can’t even get into the compound to look around.”
“Look, I’m not talking about this,” Amir snapped. “You’re shut down. If you screw up this case, I will nail each one of you to the wall. You will do time, and I will make sure every inmate in the prison knows you’re cops.”
“Wow,” Konan growled. “You’re not particularly bright. Don’t even bother with pleasantries, go straight to threats.”
“Take it however you want. Mess around and find out.”
The officers watched as Amir Dar walked out of the Murder Room. Wiggins slammed his hand down on his desk and glared at the agent. Janko took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and let out a heavy sigh. Then, he turned to his detectives.
“I don’t know about y’all, but I don’t feel like doing time with people I put in prison.”
“So that’s it,” Wiggins snapped. His face flushed red, and the veins at his temple throbbed. “One threat and you guys say, ‘Screw Tomas?’ Or worse yet, ‘We tried?’ Tomas deserves justice.”
“Wiggins,” Lilly began, “we all feel horrible at Tomas. All of us do, and we want justice for him, but we’re talking prison.”
“You know, Tomas would’ve stood beside you and did whatever it took to bring anyone of your killers to justice. But you refuse to return the favor. I’m outta here.”
Wiggins stormed out of the room, and the others watched him leave. “Let him go,” Janko told them. “He has to work it out on his own. The rest of you get back to work.”
Konan and Lilly went to their desk, Manson and Rankin gave them a small wave as they left the Murder Room. The elevator doors dinged, breaking the silence. Konan lifted his eyes from his computer screen and watched as Pop-Pop walked into the room.
“Here ya go, son. I brought the list near as I can remember it.” Konan stood and took the list from the old man, and he extended his hand to Pop-Pop. “Thank you, sir. I appreciate you bringing it in.”
“You’re welcome. I hope you can find the person committing these killings and put a stop to ‘em.”
“I do too. This list will help us narrow down our list of suspects.”
“Whatever it takes. Please, let me know if I can be of further assistance.”
“Will do. You said you taught Ashley taxidermy? Did she learn it quickly?” Pop-Pop grinned, and Konan motioned for him to take a seat.

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