A new start to The Gate of Moments…an old story given new life…unedited…

The towering spire stood in the center of the plains. Dark clouds crowded the pinnacle as Kerry strode toward it. Blood dripped from her hands, her spectacles smeared with more blood, her scarf shredded, her clothing ripped and dangled from her body like some horrendous piece of fashion from a drunken weekend in Milan. 

“Must keep going,” she muttered.

Kerry thought of her father, of his death to be more specific, and she rigidly fixed her mind on it. She had not come to the Realm of Nothingness alone. She traveled solo now; the non-completed mission of her father had passed on to her.  “I’m coming, mother. You’re gonna pay.”

Lightning flashed overhead, and thunder shook the heavens, as Kerry continued her path. Her every step drained her energy, but the battle was far from over.

Tall figures appeared in the distance; thick rows of heavy armored enemies roared their challenge at the young librarian. She pulled her notebook and pen from her patched satchel. Kerry wiped her forehead and opened the notepad. She clicked her pen and wrote, “Massive Scythe-Reaper Style-Hands free.” 

The air hummed with electricity as the scythe formed over the head of Kerry. She pointed at the rows of enemies and commanded, “Reap.” The scythe shot forward slashing back and forth as it ripped through the enemies, their shouted challenge forgotten, their jeers and sneers becoming shouts of fear and terror. The unmanned scythe slung entrails into the air, and the blood of Kerry’s foes splattered to the earth. 

Enemies tried to escape, some attempted to tunnel into the earth, others raced away, but none survived the onslaught. The Guardian of Light left none standing in the wake of her justice. All that remained of her foes were pieces of flesh, and halves of cadavers slung across the plains. Kerry roared her victory. 

“I’m coming, mother! Prepare yourself, for your doom approaches!’

From the spire, Eden the Black watched the battle and smiled. Her staff remained pointed at Cassandra, and Eden’s laugh crackled with electricity and the energy of the dark. “Come daughter,” she screamed, her voice booming with enough bass to rival the loudest thunder. “Come and join your friends. Soon, you will all serve the dark.”

Every story has a beginning dear reader, and this is not the beginning. Come along and let me regal you with the story of a shy, bookish librarian and her journey through the dangerous Realm of Nothingness. Of new friends, and newer enemies, of Guardians of the Bright Light and Oppressive Darkness, and of the place called The Gate of Moments.

Come with me, as I recall the details of unmatched heroism, forbidden love, the depths of deceit, and of love and friendship. It all began on a Friday afternoon in a library, in a small community named Tish.

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