Rewriting is hard work…new ideas for old writings…unedited…

I’m neck deep into the rewrite of A Hot Day Down South. As I’m writing, more ideas for further stories spring to mind. So, I’m writing ideas down on my pad, and ever so often stealing glances at other stories that need the rewrite treatment.

Call me naive, but I think I’ve discovered the ‘work’ aspect of the writing life. Man, this rewrite, reshuffle, rewrite some more, cycle has put the clamps on everything else.

I decided to take a break and write this small update. Last week, I took part in a Writer-a-thon. Over the course of the week, I wrote 6,000 words. I didn’t even count the ones I’ve added to my story.

Slowly, I’m putting some of my work into the world. It’s been liberating sometimes, and downright frightful in others. Still, I poke my head out of my shell from time to time to figure out what I should do next.

No one said the writing journey would remain easy. It’s like every other job I’ve ever had. Writing is hard work, but unlike some of the jobs I’ve had in the past, it’s a reward in and of itself.

To me, drafting is the most fun aspect of the trade, but I’m finding that rewriting is more fulfilling. Fleshing out the characters and describing the scenes provide me with hours of work, but it goes by so fast.

The characters seem to speak in a clearer voice and seem to move and breath on their own. Lilly has came into her own in the rewrite. She’s her own person with her own values and attributes, who doesn’t mind doing the work on her own. Konan, well Konan’s always done his own thing. I’ve always felt Lilly was eye candy, not really a detective.

But that’s all changing now.

I’m trying to bring the characters into their own. I’m closing in on the 30,000 word mark for the rewrite, and I’m having a blast. Interestingly enough, I may change the ending.

We’ll see how it goes. You guys take it easy, and I’ll catch you on the flip side.


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