A Random Post about purging the system and my day…unedited…


I apologize for my lateness in sitting at my desk and writing. It’s been a day. This morning, I went with my mother for lunch at Piney Grove. We sat on the banks of the lake, under a pavilion of course, and fellowshipped with her church members, and then munched on catfish filets, shrimp, crawfish, coleslaw, and more desserts than we could eat.

At two p.m. I went to a birthday party. I’ve never mastered gift-giving, mainly because I go by what people tell me they want. Except this party was for a one-year old. He couldn’t tell me what he wanted, so I went with my instinct. I hand wrote a note for him, and took a Hot Wheels collectible from my collection. Every child needs an Avengers vehicle. 

With that, my day came to an end. It’s almost five p.m. So, I’ve sat down to do some writing. 

As I sit here on Google Docs typing these few lines, I realize I misled you. As is customary for me, I slipped from bed early, and I did write a piece. 

The reason I didn’t publish it is because this morning my thoughts centered on the disaster that is modern politics. These dark thoughts coursed through my system, like fast acting poison, and I wrote to purge my system. 

Purging the poison isn’t pretty. It’s rank and putrid, and I hate when I wake up consumed with fear and dread. I detest politics. Maybe one day, I’ll share it. For now, it’s safely tucked away in the Cloud somewhere. 

So, that brings us full circle on my day. I hope you all have had a wonderful day, and that you’ve fully embraced each moment. Life’s too short to dwell on things we can’t control. Y’all be safe out there.


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