Sip and Tenney…new writing…unedited…

Rachelle Figueroa, sister of Danny, waited for his phone call but it never came. “What in the world is taking so long,” she muttered. Danny had a nasty habit of being late. It would come as no surprise Rachelle if he postponed the call until tomorrow just to add to her frustration. Rachelle on the other hand epitomized the virtues of punctuality and possessed excellent business sense.
Those two virtues are why her father had put her in charge of the family business. Try as she might, she never got Danny to understand these principles, and once again, Danny hadn’t phoned.
One of these days she would do herself a favor and kill him herself. For now, she must send a three-man team to Africa in search of the package Danny should’ve procured.

Sip and Tenney waited with the child for the rotors to stop spinning before unloading. The child had eaten the rest of the Skittles on the way back to the camp named Falcon.
“What’s your name, sweetheart?”
She looked at Tenney with those big, brown doe eyes, and Sip could’ve sworn he saw Tenney’s heart melt.
“Destiny,” she said softly. Tenney put his right hand over his heart and tapped it, and then said, “I’m Tenney and this is my brother, Sip.”
“Hi,” Destiny responded, as she waved at Sip.
“Where’s your parents, Destiny? Do you have family we can call?”
“No, my parents are gone.”
“I hate to interrupt,” Sip snarked, “but you aren’t any older than, what, ten?”
“I’m nine.”
“We’ll make sure you’re taken care of before we head back to the States. You have my word,” Tenney said, as he patted her hand.
Sip looked over at Tenney and mouthed ‘no.’ Tenney shrugged and raised his eyebrows, and Sip just shook his head and walked away. Tenney and Destiny climbed out of the chopper and walked behind him talking.
What is he thinking? We’re not even from here, and Tenney’s making promises that we can’t possibly keep. Besides, we’re out of here on the first thing smoking.
The headquarters for the UN chain of command resided in a bullet-riddled building, chunks of it missing from rocket attacks, fire, and age. Sip, Tenney, and Destiny walked through the doorway, the wrought iron door pushed open in hopes that a breeze would creep in. Dust particles tickled the nose of Sip, and he sneezed.
“Have I ever told you how much I hate this place, Tenney?”
“Shut up, Sip. Let’s get Destiny checked in.”
Tenney took Destiny by the hand and led her into an office that had a sign tacked to the door on copier paper that read, Administration. A young woman stood behind the counter and raised her eyebrows at the sight of a young girl caught between two rough looking men.
“Um, can I assist you?”
“Yep,” Sip said, “we picked this young’un up in the middle of some bad business and brought her back with us. Her name’s Destiny. She claims to not have any parents. Can you get her squared away?”
“Of course. I need to get some information for the forms, and I’ll take it from there. She’s lucky you and your friend happened along when you did.”
After taking her name and other pertinent information, the woman sent Tenney and company out to wait in the hall. Destiny’s eyes widened with fright and her bottom lip quivered.
“It’s gonna work out okay, Destiny. I promised we’d take care of you, and I meant every word,” Tenney said, taking her hand into his. Sip rolled his eyes and shook his head.
I swear he acts like Destiny is his own flesh and blood. What in the world does he think he’s doing?

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