Randomness about writing on the difficult days…unedited…

Chicken’s in the air fryer, the dogs are sprawled out on the floor, and a disaster movie plays on Mom’s television. It’s just another Saturday here at the Freeman’s. Mom’s always busy. She’s between the movie, the kitchen, and taking Chunk a treat. Now she’s cooking dinner.

I’m not anywhere near that motivated. Today, I wrote the beginning of a story titled Sip and Tenney, but other than that piece of writing it’s been slow.

I am in the process of rewriting the first story I ever drafted. My most successful year as a writer, until this year, was 2021.

Rewriting is part of the process, as every writer knows, and it’s tedious. I’m trying to prep for the future of my blog but also for future long term success as a published author.

In my teenaged years, even as a pre-teen, I dreamt of building a physique rivaling the bodybuilders of old. I devoured every article I found on how to build a body like Charles Atlas, Reg Park, Arnold, Franco, and my personal favorite, Dave Draper.

But the advice that changed my life came from the Austrian Oak, the great Arnold Schwarzenegger. In an interview he said, and I paraphrase: You must envision your success. If you can see it, believe in it, work hard towards it, you can achieve it.

It’s all boils down to you. No one else will believe in your dreams if you don’t. People will quit on you when difficult times come, but don’t give up on yourself.

So, keep on rocking. You’ve got this.


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