Storms, Pilgrim’s Progress and Longevity…

Wow. Outside my house lightning flashes, thunder rumbles, and Chunk paces back and forth in my living room. I’m watching Pilgrim’s Progress. As a young adolescent I read John Bunyan’s masterpiece. It’s been years since I last picked it up but seeing it on my television is something special.

I’m not sure who’s staring in it, but it’s well acted, the story writing is crisp, and it doesn’t deviate from Bunyan’s vision. Given that over 300 years has passed since it was written, I am amazed that people still read it.

I remember the impact the book had on my life. The tears I shed when Faithful died. It was a tremendous book that evoked imagery and emotion that no other book of fiction has ever done since. As a writer, I would love to write something so poignant.

But I have not come across that idea yet. The rain continues to fall, the lightning is still flashing, and thunder continues to rumble. I guess I’ll go to bed and try again tomorrow. 

Y’all have a great evening, or morning/afternoon, depending on where you’re living. May you be blessed with good health, sweetness, and every good thing you desire. 


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