Public Service…new writing, unedited, incomplete…

Chloe Robbins, 38, looked out the window of her mobile home toward the dirt road that ran in front of her trailer. The mobile home sat far off the dirt road, at the end of the wood line, and had ample brush which partially hid her location from onlookers.

Six years had passed since Chloe poisoned the cheerleader squad at Southern U. In those six years, Chloe had spent hours, hundreds of hours, in therapy for her anger and psychotic tendencies.

After all that time in therapy, no one had asked why she attempted to kill the cheerleaders. They had asked how she felt when she poisoned them, but as to why she planned the execution of the entire squad, no seemed interested in knowing.

Their lack of interest didn’t bother her any, she had her own reasons for wanting the girls gone. Most people go to jail for attempted murder, but her sister’s influence had saved her from prison. It had cost her sister the tenure she had earned, and she took a position far below her skill set, but Dr. Robbins had saved her sister.

Chloe was grateful for her sister’s timely intervention on her behalf, and she had spent years trying to figure out a way to repay her sister. Due to Chloe’s reputation for extreme reactions, some would label it overreactions, people refused to hire her. Her sister paid cash for the trailer, the land belonged to her parents, and they had willed it to both sisters.

Now, Chloe lived alone in the woods, shielded from the world she felt out of place in, Chloe only lived for her flowers. She worked diligently on her flowers, and her knowledge grew more expansive, so much so her sister often asked for her opinions on various plants.

Chloe Robbins lived a life of quiet solitude, a life of contemplation and plans.

When Lilly and I arrived to the agricultural center we couldn’t find Christy. Another student sat behind the desk. He gave us a tight smile and asked, “May I help you?”

“Yes,” I said. “We would like to speak to Christy.”

“She no longer works here.”

“Oh? Is everything okay?”

“She needed to take some time for personal issues. I am her replacement, Owen.”

“Well, Owen, I’m Detective Konan, this is my partner Lilly. I would like to speak to Dr. Robbins then.”

“Dr. Robbins isn’t in today,” Owen responded. “Is there anything else I can do for you?”

“Uh, no I don’t think so. Thanks for your time Owen.”

Lilly and I walked out to our vehicle. She took my hand in hers and kissed me on the cheek. “Christy no longer works here, and Dr. Robbins didn’t show up. You think it’s a coincidence?”

“There’s no such thing as coincidence. It’s all connected.”

“The truth is out there, eh?”

“Yep, it is out there. More often than not it’s much darker than we think.”

“Well, come on. Lets track down Christy and Dr. Robbins.”

“I’m not sure where to look. If ‘Chloe’ exists, her sister hid her well.”

“So, where do we start our search?”

“We track down friends and family first, Tomas and Wiggins can come back here and speak to associates and compile a list.”

We drove back to the precinct. Lilly and I compiled a list of known associates of Dr. Robbins. While Lilly scanned the list for more names, I placed a call to Southern U and asked to speak to the president of the school.

Per usual, my request proved challenging. I got transferred back and forth to various departments. Finally, a voice came on the phone and said, “Detective Konan, I regret to inform you President Sanchez is not in. Would you like to leave a message?”

“When will he return?”

“I do not have access to that information. Someone last saw her leaving with friends at lunch.”

“Okay, then please take a message. If she has time I have questions concerning Dr. Wynette Robbins and a former student who got kicked named ‘Chloe.’ She can reach me at Precinct One-Seven.”

“Okay, I have it written down. I’ll make sure she gets the message.”

“Thank you.”

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