Public Service…Chapter Six…unedited…

Deputy Chief Scott ‘Big One’ Walters sat at his desk and smiled. His receptionist, a petite blonde who preferred ponytails to stylish hairdos, ruthless men to men of high principles and morals, and chaos over order, stepped into his office and said, “Thermopolis Konan agreed to meet you at 1630.”

“Good,” he snapped, as he stood and grabbed her by the wrist, “then we have time for your next session.” Scott Walters dragged the woman to his side and let go of her wrist. He gripped her face and smashed his lips down onto hers. She sighed and melted into Scott Walters, nonresistant to his forceful desires and loving every minute she basked in his ruthless abuse of power. 

“I’m going to crush Thermopolis Konan, but first, I will punish you.”

Scott Walters shoved his secretary onto his couch and locked his door. Then, he pulled out a carbon fiber tripod and set up his camera. Walters filmed his domination of his conquests, not for future pleasure, but to study the effects of his dominance upon those he detested. His secretary waited breathlessly for her punishment, and Walters cracked his neck as he undressed. 

“This is for Tia Mathers. Soon, I will rip apart the world of those who stood against her.”

The blonde reached for Walters as he drew near, but Walters wasn’t having it. He slugged her in the jaw and proceeded to choke her. His excitement grew as the color drained from her face. “This is what I’m going to do to you Konan. I’m going to choke your world until there is no life in it.”

Walter released the throat of his secretary, and she gasped for air. “What was that?” Her eyes widened when she looked in his eyes, he no longer resembled a human being. Rage filled his pupils, and he slugged her. Blood splashed to the floor as he continued to smash his heavy right hand into her beautiful face until his anger was spent. His secretary choked on the blood coagulation in her throat, and Walters snatched her off the couch.

“Go wash your face. You got it dirty.”

The woman sobbed as she crawled across the floor to the bathroom. He scowled as he wiped up the blood and snot from the floor. He detested all women. Whores, each and every one of the them. They’re to be used and discarded. They serve no purpose other than procreation, an incubator for children, and when they’re too old to bear sons, they’ve outlived their purpose.

The secretary came out of the bathroom, her eyes locked firmly on the floor, and Walters scowled. “You’re fired,” he snapped. “You no longer serve any purpose. Pack your gear and get out.” She walked meekly from the room, fresh tears dripped from her eyes and pooled together at the point of her chin. Her tears angered Scott Walters, and again, he felt rage fill his heart.

“Oh, and don’t even think about filing a sexual assault complaint against me,” he snarled at the woman, as he pressed play on the camera. He played it until she had succumbed to his lustful desire and he paused it. “If you try to take me down, I’ll release this to the media. What will your kids and husband think then?”

Scott Walters looked at the clock on the wall. The time was 1530, he had an hour to clean up and prepare for Thermopolis Konan. This event with his secretary was only an appetizer. The main course was still an hour away.

The media packed up their cameras and microphones after my announcement of ‘no comment at this time,’ except for Sasha Robideux. She watched as I knelt next to the bench. I used a pair of long tweezers to lift the petal trapped underneath the rock. Lilly and Tammy watched as I dropped the petal into an evidence bag and then sealed it shut. 

“What is that?”

“It’s a flower of some sort, Lilly. Tammy, didn’t you say you thought the asphyxiation was brought on by Wolfsbane?”

“I did,” she said, as she took the bag from me and studied the petal. “This is wolfsbane. The leaves have toothed edges, and they grow into spires of deep blue to purple flowers, such as this.”

“How do you know so much about this?”

Tammy searched my face, as if I had subscribed to becoming dense all of a sudden, and she scoffed. “I get paid to know about this ‘stuff’ Konan. It’s my job.”

“I know that, Tammy. My bad. Here’s a question for you, tough guy. Why is that reporter hanging around?”

“I don’t know.”

Lilly waved at Sasha. The young woman nodded at her and turned her attention back to the scene. Lilly walked over to her and said, “Is everything okay, Ms. Robideux?”

“Yes, detective. I hoped you or your partner might have a comment. I mean, I know he said no comment, but I need something to write about for our website. We’re not mainstream media, but the people…”

“…Have a right to know. Yeah, we hear that often. Look Sasha, we have an SOP we operate by, and we can’t just give you a scoop. Give me your card, and if we come across something we can share-without breaching our procedures-I might call you.”

Sasha grinned and nodded excitedly. “Okay, that works for me. You can reach me at either number.” Lilly took the card and looked it over. “Is your information current?” Sasha nodded and said,  “Mmhmm. As of now, everything is current.”

“Okay. We will reach out when we have something.”

Sasha thanked Lilly, and turned to leave. She gave Lilly a small smile and reached into her purse, and then pulled out her phone.

“Hi, sis. What’s wrong?”

Lilly watched as the young woman’s face changed, but Sasha gave Lilly a small fake grin and turned from her.

“Are you okay?”

The young woman walked away, her voice low and secretive, but her posture seemed to morph into full body tension. Lilly watched as Sasha left, and bit on her bottom lip thoughtfully. I walked up to my wife, evidence bag still in hand and waited for her to speak. She said nothing, so I asked, “Are you okay? Are you ready to head out? I’ve got that meeting at 430.”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Sasha gave me her card, and I told her we might reach out. She got a call, and something must have happened. Come on, let’s go see what the deputy chief wants with my husband.”

Together, we walked back to our car. Our future was uncertain, as was everyone’s, but I felt things would turn out for the best as long as I had Lilly by my side. For years now, she had stood by my side, in good times and bad, and I knew of no reason why that should change now that we had married. 

It was more of the same ole, same ole. Well, except for this summons to Scott Walters office. That bit was new.

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