Chaos, Self-Implosions, and Chicken Nuggets…unedited…

Good morning. 

It’s 0530, and I have made me a cup of coffee and sat down at my desk. Mmm, coffee. I am often surprised by people. I’m not sure if it has to do with my selectiveness when it comes to associating with people, or if it has to do with me being dense.

We humans tend to be a strange bunch. 

As long as things are going the way I want them to, my satisfaction level is sky high, but the moment I hit a snag, or something goes awry, out pops my temper. This has all the makings of an honest piece of writing. 

The moment something goes wrong, it’s like I have some preternatural inclination to self-implode. Things are bad, let’s see how I can make things worse! This happens without fail. It doesn’t matter if I’m driving, working, petting my dog, the moment I am inconvenienced in the slightest, I whip out my martyrdom tendencies.

For the life of me, I don’t understand why I must always overreact. Nothing is ever as bad as I imagine it. In my head it’s the sky is falling, run for your lives! But usually it’s more I’m sorry, sir. We no longer carry chicken nuggets.

Inconvenience makes fools of us all (I hope). At a minimum, it tries our patience and the limits of our ‘good side.’ As a writer, I find myself frustrated with my progress on certain stories. Why won’t the words come? Where is my stupid muse? The sky is falling! No nuggies!

That should explain why I’m writing this short bit, and not the novels I have in the works. Words, those magical, dastardly, bits of storytelling building blocks refuse to bend to the will of the writer at times. To break free of the shackles, sometimes we must set aside everything, write some weird, humorous, meaningless piece of nothingness to break the rust off said shackles.

Life is a strange box of chaos. You can never tell from one moment to the next what is about to happen. That’s part of the fun, but it also sucks when things get sideways. Fretting about what may or probably won’t happen doesn’t fix it though. 

I suggest a box of chicken nuggets with sweet and sour sauce, or perhaps the hot mustard, and a large drink. It may not correct what’s gone awry, but at least you’ll have a full tummy.


2 thoughts on “Chaos, Self-Implosions, and Chicken Nuggets…unedited…

  1. I sooo relate to this honest, gritty, WONDERFUL blog. I prefer when you blog about your life to your stories (sorry), it’s nice getting to know you. I too have a terrible temper at times and that coupled with out-of-control anxiety means I can relate to the feeling that “the sky is falling in” when really, it’s just that the icecream machine is broken AGAIN at McDonalds. Lol. Nuggets in your case…but Maccas here in Australia are notorious for their ice cream machines being constantly out of order.

    Anyway, just wanted to tell you that I understand. I hope you managed you get some yummy nuggets in the end and I hope you are back to your bright, sunny self in no time.

    • Hi! Yes, the ice cream machines never work during the summer here. As if ice cream is a winter treat! I appreciate your comment, and I understand about anxiety and ‘the sky is falling.’ At times it can be crippling, but by God’s grace I continue forward. Sometimes like a snail, but forward is forward. Have a great day.

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