Public Service…new writing, unedited…

I arrived at the precinct ahead of Lilly. For months now, we had played off our relationship as nothing more than ‘just partners’. It wasn’t our desire to keep our friends in the dark. Chief Janko pulled us into his office and recommended we keep our relationship to ourselves.

“You can’t stay partners if everyone knows about your tryst. Keep it professional at work, and for God’s sake, do not let the media get ahold of this.”

Now, mere weeks away from becoming husband and wife, Lilly and I had a new problem to face. Who would leave the force and transfer somewhere else; and who would stay at the 117th? As of now, neither of us had said anything about it, but we both knew it to be the elephant in the room. 

As I stepped off the lift, I could hear Janko yelling into his phone. I didn’t need to see him, to know he was waving his free arm in the air, his walrus mustache bristled with anger, his grey eyes narrowed sharply and burning with the intensity of the sun as it plummets toward an unsuspecting Earth. 

“No,” he shouted loud enough for every person in the building to hear. “I do not have a comment on an inappropriate relationship between two of my detectives! Do not call here again, you lecherous piece of filth!”

I cringed as he slammed the phone down, and inwardly I cringed more as he picked up the receiver and slammed it down another four times. The veins in Janko’s neck stretched tight, and the veins as his temples seemed to throb to an internal rhythm only he could hear. His eyes widened when he saw me, and my frown deepened. 

“Get in here now, Konan!”

Here we go again. This time, Janko has every right to throw me off the force. I need to protect Lilly, I can’t let her take the fall for our shenanigans. 

“Moving, chief.”

I walked into the office and pushed the door shut. Movement in the Murder Room caught my eye, and Lilly had entered into the room looking as fresh as a brand new sunrise. Her eyes widened when she saw me in Janko’s office.

“Sit down, idiot!”

Lilly started for the door, and I heard it open behind me. She walked in and took a seat opposite of me. Janko snarled, “Wonderful, I have both of you idiots in here. Let’s get this over with.”

I started to speak, but Janko put his hand up and stopped me. “Both of you idiots make my life a living hell. Both of you drive me to drink.”

Again, I started to speak, but Janko slammed his hand down on his desk and knife-handed me. “If I want your lip, boy, I’ll scrape it off my zipper. Don’t open your mouth again.”

He sat down and tried to regain his composure. Janko opened his case of cigars, took one out and smelled it, and shoved it into the corner of his mouth. He bit down on it and the end tilted upward. Me and Lilly waited for him to continue.

“What kind of idiots get caught making out at a crime scene?”

Lilly blushed, and I said nothing. Janko looked at both of us and raised his eyebrows which caused his forehead to wrinkle. He looked like an angry Pug. 

“Well? Answer me.”

I stayed silent, and Lilly said nothing. Again, Janko slammed his hand down and leapt to his feet. “Why aren’t you answering me, Konan? Are you deaf?”

“No sir. I’m not deaf. I’m confused.”

And that’s how the fight started.

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