A Day of Blessings…unedited…

Good evening. 

I apologize for not posting any writings earlier, it’s been a day. Upon waking, I decided I would go to a local Walmart Super Center and buy a few groceries. Last month, I neglected to purchase any, and it was um, lean pickings at the end of the month. Furthermore, I needed some new clothes for church, and I could kill the proverbial ‘two birds with one stone.’ So, about 0830, I set out, along with mum, for Walmart. 

As is customary, I bought around 80 bucks worth of groceries. Meats, cheeses, and eggs being the basics of my ‘culinary experimentation.’ At checkout though, it cost me a whopping two hundred bucks to escape. 

What in the world? Where did my money go?

It felt as if I got robbed just for darkening the door of the Walmart. As I helped mom load the car, I grew angrier. This is a load of crap. The day progressed, and I spent some time with a friend who visited me. We went to the gun store and grabbed a burger on the way home. 

Somewhere along the way, I heard someone saying we should always be thankful things aren’t worse than they are. It struck me to the quick. 

Things could get worse than they are. Sure, right now things seem bleak, but I decided to look for the silver lining. Over the radio, I heard the President of the United States claim America was not in a recession. There’s something to be thankful for. In fact, some other ‘expert’ said America had experienced ‘minimal growth’ over the past two quarters. 

So, there’s nothing to worry about. Gas dropped under four bucks a gallon. Forty bucks got me ¾’s of a tank. I’m thankful for that as well. 

I might not have actual chicken, but I have canned chicken. It’s the same thing. All my canned food is off brand and dented, not to mention out of date, but it’s edible. I don’t know about the rice. It’s kind of sketchy. It has hair growing on it. I might throw it out, it looks like it might kill me. 

Everywhere I look, I see blessings. They might not be what I wanted, but my needs are met. I’m not even going to launch into a diatribe about how good my life was two short years ago, but I could afford real chicken then, and my rice didn’t look like the legs of a Woodstock hippie of the…I better not do that, they or it might not identify as female anymore.

Ah well, I’m sure things will turn out fine. Or this might serve as a train-up for future hard times. Except those hard times will never happen, cause the President has a plan to raise taxes and spending. 

Away with thy treachery foul recession! I combat thee with taxes and cash money!

Just when I thought my day was over, I had to make another run to town. In all my movement today, I forgot treats for my bud, Chunk. So, I loaded back into my Camry and drove to Iuka. As I cashed out, the cashier muttered about money not going as far it once did. 

“I don’t know what our children and grandchildren are going to do,” she whispered to me. I gave her a warm smile and said, “Be of good cheer, Cashier of No Name. Thy children, lo even my own, are soon to inherit the bounty from our well-meaning government.”

“Oh! What will they inherit, good sir?”

“Crippling debt, fair maiden. However, we will not bear the burden of such wasteful spending, our offspring and theirs will share the burden of poverty. I bid thee good day!”

See? There’s another blessing.

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