An update…unedited…

It’s official, Momma’s Prayer is published and available on Amazon and Kindle. All monies generated go directly to Southern Christian Writers Conference for future conferences.

I should include the title of the book, “A Memoir of Mothers: A Compilation of Stories Celebrating Moms.” It’s a tremendous honor to be featured in the book.

From time to time, I write about my mum. Where would I be without her? I know where I would have been 12 years ago. Dead.

So, if you guys need another addition to your to-be-read pile and have three dollars to spend, check it out. I am giddy with excitement as I await my copy. If you do purchase the book, please leave a review if you have time.

As always, I appreciate your support. You guys are the best part of me. Thank you for making my life complete.


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