Chunk, Centipedes, and Published Works…unedited…

Good morning and hello from North Mississippi.

I’m a bit under the weather, not sick per se, feverish from overheating (if such a thing is possible.) The flower beds need plucking, poison removing, and centipedes killing. It’s enough to drive a retiree back into the workforce. 

Chunk ignores the centipedes, and they return the favor. I, on the other hand, have a serious dislike for the multi-legged pests. Hopefully, we enter the driest part of the summer soon and they will go deep underground. 

Tomorrow marks my first published work since Scalawags, Outlaws, and Big Fish.  I’ve also had a poem Shrouds, and a short story, Metamorphosis, published by The Tishomingo Arts CouncilMomma’s Prayer is the most current of my work to get published. 

I am excited that it was selected. The story is deeply personal, and all of it is true. I’m blessed to have a fantastic mother. She’s one a kind (just like her sons.) Somewhere in the deepest reaches of my heart, I know that I owe her a debt that I can never repay.

So, I try to pay my debt with stellar wit and the occasional story. Even now, I can feel my mother rolling her eyes as she reads this. It’s okay, mom. You deserve more accolades than I can shower upon you.

Well, that’s it for me. I’m sitting in the cool air and doing my best to avoid the bane of my existence-those multi-legged freaks named centipedes. You guys take it easy.


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