A new piece of Rianna’s Tearful Chalice…unedited…

Jasmine walked the camp and stripped the dead of equipment she could use. She shoved dehydrated meat and fruit into her pack, along with extra bottles of water, salt tablets, and other necessities. 

Then, she stripped off her armor, and dressed in an all-black outfit that allowed her to blend into the shadows. Jasmine handled various weaponry, until she found what she wanted.

She decided on twin daggers, forged within the walls of Sylvania’s Tomb, and a compound bow. Jasmine removed the sheath of arrows from a decapitated archer and went to the alchemist’s tent. 

Rows of healing potions and other alchemical creations lined the shelves. Many people thought dwarves as dense, unintelligent, but a few-rare though they were-possessed an aptitude for science. Jasmine found what she was looking for behind the counter.

“Blood poison,” the wrapper claimed. “Infects the blood of your opponent with an incurable affliction.” She rummaged around in the chest and found another container that said, “magic nullifier.”

Jasmine coated half of her arrows with blood poison. The remainder she coated with ‘magic nullifier.’ Then, she started a campfire and drew the daggers across a whetstone. She would begin her hunt in the morning. 

She had one more male to end, and this time, she would enjoy the killing.

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