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Rianna’s Tearful Chalice…a new portion of the story…NaNoWrimo Summer Camp Project…17, 000 words in…unedited…

We hadn’t gone more than a dozen steps when the alarms began to ring. Tomak threw his arm forward and shouted, “Run!” Without hesitation, the party charged forward. Out of the shadows, black clad dwarves stepped out and blocked our progress. Hekla shouted out her berserker fury and swung her hammer into the side of the head of a Shunned dwarf. 

Blood and brain exploded out the side of his head. I pulled Malice into my shoulder and let my bolts fly. Tomak, a blade in each hand, sliced and slid away. He was here one moment and gone the next. 

Ria chanted and floated off the ground. She had her eyes closed tight, her hands tilted palms upward, and balls of fire floated around her. When she opened her eyes, fire crashed all around us. It consumed our enemies, and Ria slumped to the ground.

“We’ve gotta move,” I snarled. “Everybody and their mother heard that.”

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