Sin-Eater…the beginning of something new…0300 writing…unedited…

The sins of my past weigh heavily upon my mind. I was more than I had ever been, but I was not a good man. I did not care that I wasn’t good, as long as I was proficient. Right and wrong are constructs to divide us into sides. Wars can’t rage if there’s not a construct of good or bad. Righteousness or evil. 

These are only words we use to hate each other. I write this knowing what I have done, what I willed into being, it was done in service to a construct. “We must strike a blow for justice. Righteousness must prevail.” It was all for naught. 

Hindsight is nothing compared to foresight. Youth would have you believe that hindsight is the more useful of the two. It’s not. You only have hindsight because you made a decision and now must live with the consequences. 

Foresight, if you’re capable of using it, allows you to see the issue in time to avoid it. I’ve never had much use for it. The squeeze of a trigger, the metallic click, the roaring boom, and the falling corpse. That, I had use for. ‘See the threat, end the threat.’ It’s basic, but it works. 

I was proficient. Razor sharp. There was nothing I could not do, no harm I could not inflict, no line I would not cross in service to my construct. Now, I must pay for my sins. My construct will not save me. 

This is a notice to you, my daughters. I thought you were safe, hidden away, secure. I was wrong. You must have many questions about your dear old dad. Who I am? What am I? There will be time to answer these questions, one day. Today is not that day.

Today is the day that you run for your lives. Quickly children, you must escape. Run to the Rock. I will find you. I will be proficient once again, and this time, my sins will stay dead.

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  1. Repented….forgiven! Now a new creature living the good life! Well written…thought provoking!

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