Words…a few thoughts…unedited…

Today’s word of the day from Merriam-Webster is jingoism. It means, “excessive patriotism or nationalism, especially when marked by a belligerent foreign policy.”

I subscribe to various sites like Merriam-Webster to improve my vocabulary. Words have meaning and it’s important to know what a word means. Of course, now we have censors who rush about claiming words they disagree with are taken out of ‘context.’

Still, writers use words to paint pictures in the mind of the reader. The right word brings clarity and can make the reader feel emotion. From emails, to letters, to a tweet on Twitter, words can build up a person or tear them down.

Words can speak life, or death, in certain cases. I want to speak life to people. There are enough mean people in the world without me being one.

Have a great Monday.


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