A Blade in the Dark…new writing, unedited….

Tricky Rich would show up. He might not show up alive, but the chances for a complete disappearance in a world where every bit of data was surveilled, cross-analyzed, and shared between intelligence agencies was improbable at best.

There was a camera at every traffic light, at every convenience store, and every stop in-between. Going off-grid required a life of solace, a lack of socialization, and even then, the mailman knows where you live. So, we would find Tricky Rich. 

Jackson Titus had disappeared and then reappeared, but he was found. 

I wasn’t worried about Tricky Rich escaping justice, I worried for my partner. This case rubbed my partner raw, I suppose in part because of what happened in our last case. Lilly and Gareth had been captured by the antagonist and used for bait. 

Everything turned out okay, except for the lingering trauma of having a bomb strapped to your kid’s chest. Or being chained to a wall and forced to watch the timer tick down. All in all, it ended in success. Still, I stressed this case might have a profound effect on Lilly’s mental health. 

I needed her to be at her best. The last case tested my faith, and now it appeared Lilly’s mental health would get pushed to it’s limit. It’s a good thing I imagine mental health like an elastic band, but I had no idea how Lilly saw it. 

If we were going to find justice for Ana Marie, we would need to be pliable. As we drew near to the precinct, news reporters stood in a gaggle at the courthouse steps. Microphones held out, some on booms, all jutted toward the current mayor of the town, Rita ‘Sue’ Connelly.

She gave a sad smile to the camera’s, turning to make sure the camera caught the single tear that rolled down her cheek. Somewhere in the back of my mind I heard a carnival barker. 

“Step right up, and enter a world of illusion!”

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