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Faithless…new writing, unedited…the end draws near…

I caught up with Lilly at the exit. She wasn’t running exactly, but she was stepping rapidly toward the vehicle.
“Hey,” shouted I, as I raced after her. “Where’s the fire?”
Lilly turned and gazed at me with an intensity I hadn’t seen in some time. Her lips trembled, and her visage was paled. I stopped in my tracks.
“What’s wrong, Lilly?”
“Does the name Michelle Karter mean anything to you, Konan?”
Lilly pulled out her notepad and flipped to the page where she’d compiled her notes. She cleared her voice and read: “Michelle Karter, aged forty-nine, is an alias used by a human trafficker named Mulholland. It’s assumed this person bought Jackson Titus and forced him into slavery to carry out his goals.”
“Jesus,” I whispered. “That’s why the initials. This person was hiding in plain sight.”
“Yes, Konan. Mulholland is a biological male who transitioned to female.”
“I don’t want to get into all that, Lilly. How do we stop this individual?”
Lilly shrugged her shoulders to say, ‘how do I know?’ I could tell my partner was having a challenging time separating her emotions. She’d always been sensitive to others, and I on the other hand tended to see the world through the lens of black and white.
I needed to get her back on track. She would go on leave in a matter of a couple of hours.
“Look, take me back to the precinct,” I told her as I walked with her to the vehicle. “I’ll run a search on the name you have. You prepare to leave and get Gareth. Take the rest of the day off. I’ve got this.”
“I don’t want to leave you high-and-dry, Konan.”
“You’re not. If I need help, I’ll pull our friends Manson and Rankin into the mix. They’ll appreciate the work.”
Lilly giggled and nodded. She drove us back to the precinct. We walked into the murder room and briefed what we knew to Janko. While I ran the name ‘Michelle Karter’ through the database, Lilly went home to pack.
She gave me a peck on the cheek and walked away quickly. The printer hummed and began to spit out documents as I printed off Mulholland’s record.
Mulholland has survived his career as a cutthroat. He is willing to kill whoever crossed his path or sought to hinder his goals. Currently rumored undergoing transition from male to female. Reasons unknown. Has an interest in going ‘straight’ and giving up his illegal activities? Has shown interest in taking over a country club, or resort, as a front for his new identity. Break, break, break. Now known as Michelle Karter. Whereabouts unknown, but last seen in Fredericksburg, Mississippi. Reason unknown.
Known accomplices: Jackson Titus seen conversing with him/her. Titus
, a former police officer, alleged killer of Bradley Freeman. Reasons for knowing Mulholland/Michelle Karter is unknown. Mulholland/Karter has ties with several terrorist organizations, assassins, and other bad sorts. Among other known accomplices are the following: Travis Franks and the other members of the Trinity of Fredericksburg Hunting and Country Club. Winston T. Smith III and board members of the same. Last seen conversing with the board members on 18 October 2021.
Other known details of the person known as Mulholland/Karter is that they favor long, drawn out torture of their enemies. They like head games and suspected they will not rush the killing of their enemies. Beware if you happen to have reasons to cross swords with the above-listed individual.
Enemies include Thermopolis Konan and Lilly Thompson.

I put down the report and picked up my phone. I dialed Lilly’s number but there was no answer.

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