Faithless…new writing, unedited…

Lilly went straight home from the precinct. Her mind aflutter with thoughts of what to pack for she and Gareth caused her not to notice the dark van with the blacked-out windows parked in front of her house.
She rushed into the house without a care in the world, her mind consumed with the joys of her impending vacation. “I’ll drive us to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina! We can spend a week or two hanging out on the beach there.”
“Gareth?! Baby, I’m home early. Grab a suitcase and pack some clothes. We’re going to Myrtle Beach!”
No one responded to her voice. Lilly frowned and drew her sidearm. She eased down the hallway until she came to Gareth’s room. He wasn’t there. She moved on to her kitchen. Gareth sat at the table, a rag stuffed in his mouth, his green eyes darted around the room in a panicked motion.
“Gareth, oh my God, Gareth! Hold on son, I’m coming to get you!”
Lilly dashed into the room, her sidearm raised and swept the hard corner on the right. Michelle Karter stepped out from behind the door and stabbed a syringe into her neck. Lilly felt the contents of the syringe burn through her system, her eyes grew heavy, and she slumped toward the floor.
“Shh,” Michelle Karter whispered to her. “You’ll have plenty of time to tell Gareth what all this is about.”
Darkness dragged Lilly under as she succumbed to the medication. In the distance, she heard the ring tone for Konan jingling somewhere in the blackness.

I kept trying to call Lilly’s number, and it kept ringing, but no one answered. My instincts screamed ‘something is wrong,’ but I suppressed the voice of my experiences because this was supposed to be her time to spend with her son.
While I tried her number, I ran various scenarios through my mind to see if anything fit. Sure, Mulholland had a record, and was easily an evil person, but what could he gain from taking over the FHCC?
As I worked into the night, I kept trying to call Lilly. At 0330, I received a video from Lilly’s phone. Lilly was chained to the wall of a barn, a gag shoved into her mouth, and she faced Gareth. Mulholland strapped him down to a chair. A set of explosive charges hung over his shoulders and chest. Placed over the top of the charges was a Claymore mine. The timer read 03:00.
A message flashed on the screen: Come and get them.

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