Faithless…new writing, unedited, incomplete…

I walked over to Lilly and sat in my chair. She gave me a smile and scribbled something down on a yellow Post-It note.
“Uh-huh, un-huh, I understand. Thank you for your time.”
She hung up the phone and gave me another smile. Lilly checked her watch and said, “We’ve got a meeting with an agent at the food court in the mall. They may have an identity for us”
“Okay,” I said as I stood. “Let’s ride. You can fill me in on the way.”
Lilly drove, and I waited for her to tell me the details. She got us out on the two-lane and pressed the accelerator to the floor. The unmarked sedan’s engine roared its consent. After we passed everything remotely close to us, Lilly said, “It didn’t take much forcing for me to get them to agree to a meeting. They suggested the food court.”
“The food court is on the ground floor, right? And walkways cover the area from the second floor?”
“Yeah, there are stores on the second floor, and guard rails protect people from falling from the second floor onto the tables in the food court.”
“Okay,” I said, as I cracked my knuckles. “Go ahead to the meeting. I’ll cover you from the second-floor landing.”
“What? Do you think it’s a trap?”
“Probably not, but I learned a long time ago to not put all my eggs in one basket.”
“Why don’t you go to the meeting then? I can cover you as well as you can cover me.”
“You spoke to them, and they’re expecting you to show up. They’d know something was amiss if I showed up instead of you.”
Lilly sighed and nodded as she guided the car into a parking spot near the door. A blue sign declared it a parking spot to honor ‘our partners in law enforcement.’ Another empty parking spot was next to ours with another blue sign for veterans.
We got out of the vehicle and made our way into the cool foyer of the mall. If all went well, we’d soon have an identity to the mysterious person with the initials of MK. If not, we’d have to go scorched earth to uncover the identity. Either way, this would soon be over.
And Bradley Freeman and the town of Fredericksburg would have justice.
I walked up the stairs that led to the second-floor landing and took up a spot next to a sunglass peddler. The cart was unmanned which suited my purposes fine. Tall white columns ran from the ceiling to the floor, and I leaned up against one while I surveyed the crowd.
Lilly walked to a table and sat down. I glanced at my watch. We still had ten minutes before the meeting. From the south side of the food court, I watched as two people walked into the food court and stopped. Both wore black trench coats and dark sunglasses. The male nodded toward Lilly. His female accomplice nodded, and they walked toward Lilly’s table.
I noticed Lilly gesture for them to sit down, and they did. From where I stood, I couldn’t make out what they said, so I moved counterclockwise to the other side of the landings. I leaned against another pillar and watched the meeting. Lilly took her notepad out and took notes. Every so often the female agent would turn and look over the crowd to ensure someone wasn’t eavesdropping on their conversation.
After a few moments, both agents got up and walked away. Lilly waited a few moments and then stood and made her way toward the exit.
The meeting with the Feds was over. Time to find out if we had a name for our suspect.

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