A post about trips, solitude, and good friends…unedited…

Last night I had an opportunity to ride off with friends. It was nice to be out and about with others and not stuck at home. We went to recover a vehicle in Saltillo, then we stopped by a local restaurant-sports pub more like-and had a meal.

The meal was fantastic, and my friend bought dinner as payment for our help. He didn’t need to, I felt I owed him for inviting me along. We had a few laughs, told stories, and I had a blast. 

As a bachelor for almost a decade now, I know the value of solitude. Silence is conducive to good writing, but it is not good for helping loners metamorphosize into a social butterfly.

Rather, I surmise that a healthy lifestyle consists of a balanced approach. One must have social interests to balance out the solitude and vice versa. I tend to spend time alone more than I socialize.

Because of this I plan to take several trips. Next month, I plan to visit Natchez, Mississippi. Then in the fall, I plan to take a bus to Vermont. I’m a huge fan of Robert Frost. 

I think it’d be nice to walk a couple trails that he might have. To see the hills and villages, maybe some snow, and breathe in the chilled air.

There’re far too many adventures to be had, to stay home and waste away stressing about what horrors tomorrow holds. Oh, and I have worked on my Instagram account. If any of you would like to follow me, you can find me under larry.freeman.jr

That sums up my evening writing exercise. I pray you are all blessed and highly favored. Be safe out there.


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