Untitled writing…formerly Faithless…unedited…

Travis Franks stared up at the black sky filled with stars. His grey eyes filled with tears as he beheld the beauty of the universe. A shooting star shot past and vanished, and his last breath disappeared as quickly as the star had.

The blonde Viking followed Travis’s gaze up to the heavens, and he smiled. His beard was as thick as the muscle that adorned his frame. His smile revealed his teeth, and he could feel the long, jagged scars on his face widen. 

He sighed and took Travis under the arms. Then, he pulled him to the tracks and positioned him. Almost gently, he centered the body, and then took a photo of Travis. 

The Viking dialed a number on the digital keypad and pressed send as he walked away from the corpse. As he walked into the shadows they seemed to enclose about him like a shroud. 

Red blood dripped from the Ottoman mace and left a trail to the tunnels. The Viking didn’t care. It would rain soon, and any evidence he had missed in his cleanup would get washed away.

Besides he had two more kills to complete, and then he was a free man. He would no longer owe his master, and once again he would have complete control over his life. 

Then, he could set his plan of revenge in motion. 

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