Good morning…unedited…


It’s early morning here, but I am up and ready to take a trip to see the Amish today. I have a fondness for all things Amish. My desk is cedar, and it’s a thing of beauty. Not right now it isn’t, what with the television that adorns it, along with my seasons of Fringe scattered over it, it’s pretty cluttered.

Today, I go in search of bookshelves.

Book collecting is an obsession of mine. Hardbacks, paperbacks, cover or no cover, I try to find something when I go out. So, I’ll swing by the bookstore on the way home.

I hope you guys have a tremendous day today. My coffee has finished brewing, my steel-toe boots are laced up, and Chunk is whimpering at the door.

Take care, my friends. I’ll add a piece of fiction later in the day.

Be safe out there.


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