Faithless…new writing, unedited…Chapter Six continues…

The next morning, I woke refreshed and in less pain. I shaved, showered, and dressed for the day. My ‘uniform’ for the day was a black Carhartt tee, a pair of Levi jeans, Red Wing Irish boots with steel toes, and a Glock 17 with extended magazine.
I chose to drive into town instead of hopping the bus. There were lots to do on today’s agenda. The assailant from yesterday would get my attention first. As I drove toward the precinct, I thought of the attacker.
They’d utilized war strategy in their ambush yesterday, and I had not witnessed anything like it since I returned home. This MK knows war or has someone in charge of the event who’s seen it. An improvised explosive device in a water truck is a Global War on Terror tactic.
I pulled into the parking garage that sat adjacent to the precinct and parked on the mid-level floor. As I walked toward the elevator that would carry me to the roof, and the skywalk that coupled the two buildings to each other, I grew calm within myself.
This was a prime opportunity, and I wanted answers.
Lilly sat at her desk, coffee in hand, and looked like a vision of heaven to come. Her dark curly hair was washed, her green eyes bright, and her button nose completed her perfect face. She gave me a nod and shoved a hot cup of coffee toward my side of the desk.
“Our assailant awaits us in Interrogation Room #1. Shall we go find out why they attacked us yesterday?”
“I want to know how they knew we’d head that way. We didn’t advertise our movement, and only the three of us knew what was happening.”
“Well, let’s go find out,” Lilly said with a smile.
We walked down the hallway. It was mostly barren with the exception of a few plaques that listed the current chain of command within the confines of the 117th. Room #1 was on the left side of the hallway. I pushed it open and stepped in, Lilly right behind me.
The woman glowered at Lilly, her eyes cold and indifferent. Most of the swelling from Lilly’s butt stroke had seeped from dark black to a painful pus-yellow and purplish mixture. Her broken nose made a sick wheezing sound. Lilly sat across from her and gave her a smile. I sat next to my partner.
“Morning,” Lilly said brightly. She motioned at the assailant’s bruises and asked, “what happened?”
The woman glared but said nothing. I cleared my throat and took a sip of coffee, and then I put my coffee down and gave her a small smile.
“Good morning. I apologize if we seem rude this morning. You had no identification on your person yesterday, so we don’t know your name. Would you please state your name for the record?”
“Lawyer,” she hissed at me.
“That’s a strange name,” I responded. “But okay, lawyer.”
“I want a lawyer,” she growled again.
Lilly and I stood; the assailant’s cold eyes watched us. I took another sip of coffee and winked at Lilly.
“Let’s go get this gal her phone call. Then, she can tell us all about MK.”
Lilly tapped on the two-way mirror, and a guard entered the room. “Take her to make her phone call, will ya?” The guard nodded and led her out of the room.
An hour later, I saw Lilly cringe. I looked at her and followed her eyes to the entrance of the murder room. A short, stout man walked in. He carried a briefcase and an expensive looking woman followed in his wake. The man stopped by the desk and gave us a professional smile.
“I’m Monty Byrd, I have a client detained here. I need a few moments with her.”
“Come with me,” Lilly snapped.
She led the two visitors to the room. I frowned. Lilly had never mentioned Monty Byrd before, but I had seen the advertisement for his practice on late-night television commercials. Plus, he’d just wrapped up a case where he’d gotten a rapist who faced multiple charges, out of jail and was in the process of levying a lawsuit against the court for ‘wrongful conviction.’
I could see why my partner would not like such a man.
My eyes followed Lilly as she walked back toward the desk. Her green eyes weren’t quite as bright as before. She shuddered and sat down. “That guy is a creep,” she muttered, as I picked up the phone.
I placed a call to Ashley. She picked up on the second ring.
“Morgue, this is Ashley.”
“Hi, Ashley. This is Konan. I’m checking to see if you know anything about Titus yet.”
“Myocardial rupture was cause of death.”
“A heart attack?”
“A heart explosion actually.”
“I don’t understand.”
“I’m leaning toward a Type III. It’s hard to explain over the phone, but think aneurysm, but I’ve never seen one do this kind of damage.”
“Okay. Can you show us? We are about to go question a suspect, but we can show up after.”
“Yeah. That will work. See you soon.”
“All right. Later.”
I hung up the phone. The expensive looking woman, an assistant to Monty Byrd, told Lilly they were ready to see us now. She glanced at me, lifted her nose, and sashayed back to the room.
“Let’s go try this again,” Lilly growled.
We walked back into the room; the assistant sat in the corner a notepad in hand. Monty sat next to his client, notepad on the table. The assailant sat there calm and collected. Her eyes met the challenge in Lilly’s eyes.
I sat across from Monty; Lilly sat across from the bruised face of the assailant. Monty motioned for us to start.
“Go ahead, Konan. I’ll jump in as needed.”
“Okay. As I asked before, what is your name?”
“Okay, Carrie. Would you like coffee?”
She stared at me, her eyes wide, her visage seemed to pale under the under light. She licked her lips and shook her head no.
“Yesterday, you traveled in a car that attacked my partner and me. So, I’m not going to ask you if you knew what the plan was, because, well, you were there. Who is MK? Do you know them?”
“My client doesn’t know anyone with those initials, detective.”
I gave Monty a professional smile and responded with, “I asked your client, not you Monty.”
“Still, the answer is the same.”
Carrie shook her head no and whispered, “I know of no person or thing with those initials.”
“Okay. Yesterday, prior to the gunfire, an IED in the form of a water truck was detonated to either kill us or disable our vehicle. Where did you pick up that training?”
“I had nothing to do with that.”
“Right. Carrie, you seem hesitant to cooperate, so let me lay it out for you. You were in a vehicle that tried to kill two cops. Then, you tried to have me killed, when your vehicle rolled. Remember? So, you are looking at the attempted murder of two cops and anything else we can pile on top of you. Monty here isn’t going to save you.”
“I’ll take my chances.”
“Okay. Let me make this clear. If you don’t help us, you’re going away for a long time. If I was in charge of your operation, I wouldn’t leave a loose end running around. You might consider helping yourself.”
I pushed my chair back and walked out of the room. Lilly got up and followed after me, leaving Monty with his client and assistant.
“Is that it?”
“She won’t help us, Lilly. If you want to ask her something, go ahead. I’m done wasting time on her. Whomever is in charge of this will kill her the moment she gets to jail.”
“You seem certain of that fact, Konan.”
I walked to the coffee pot and made another cup. Lilly stood beside me and waited for me to respond. There was nothing to say. Both of us knew what happened to people who worked for high-end companies who killed those they deemed a blight upon their reputation.
This had the makings of such a case. Janko waited for us at our desk. He sat in my chair, feet upon the desk, a cup of coffee in his left hand.
“Good morning, detectives. What’s going on?”

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