Memorial Day musing…unedited…

Good evening. It’s 2115 here in North Mississippi. Chunk is eating a late dinner; I have just arrived home from spending time with my church family. Being it’s Memorial Day weekend, we met up and ate Surf and Turf, and then went to the ballfield for softball and other activities.

I’ve had a full day, and it has been fun. Still, tomorrow is Memorial Day. My mind has gone full circle. I woke up this morning chanting the names of my friends. Tonight, I relived some parts of my time at war that still hurts even now.

And people tell me I am the fortunate one because I made it home. I know it to be true, but sometimes it doesn’t feel that way. As bad as my memories are of some experiences I had over there, it pales in comparison to who fought before me.

Our dead stand as a testament to the cost of freedom. They paid the ultimate price, and we are blessed that such men and women lived. I’m not a hero, but I’ve been privileged to walk beside a few.

America is blessed to have sons and daughters who think this country is worth fighting for, it is graced with brave souls who will wade into the thick of battle to defend the weak, to stand with their allies and defeat their foes.

I’m laying it on pretty thick there. Allow me to just say that the high cost of freedom is found within the last breaths of better men than me. I am thankful for those who died in defense of this great country.

Right now, things appear bleak for America. Still, our brave men and women stand ready to defend this nation from all enemies foreign and domestic. Plus, there is 70 million veterans and gun owners ready to jump into the foray if needed.

So, on this Memorial Day, we give thanks to those who stood against the oppressive forces of evil and died in service to this country and to the world. God bless every family that lost someone in the wars we’ve fought in.

And God bless the United States of America.

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