A random thought become this morning’s blog post…unedited…

Be careful of whose dreams you crush, especially when it comes to children. A child without a dream will buy one from someone who doesn’t have their best interest at heart.

I had this thought while I got my clothes together this morning. As I stared at my aging face in the mirror, I thought of my children. My youngest daughter graduated yesterday, and I am proud of her achievements.

Time moved on rather quickly since I saw her last. The world has become a dangerous place for young people. Sure, life’s always been that bloody-toothed predator, the remains of broken dreams filling the spaces between the gaps. As a parent I fear for my children, because the world is not a nice place-and it’s growing meaner by the day.

My parents always told my brother and I to aim for the stars. “There is nothing off limits to people who work hard to reach their goals.” I was dumb enough to believe it.

I still am.

As of now, I am working to become a published author. That’s after I retired as a professional soldier. After I went to college in my forties and earned a degree in Criminal Justice.

A kid without a dream has no plan. They don’t have something to work toward, there is no reward becomes there is nothing to achieve. It’s a bland life, a life devoid of hopes, successes, failures, and hard learned life lessons.

No kid should ever get told they can’t do something. Instead, we should tell them to go for it, be the change you want to see in the world. We should encourage them to try and be there for them when they fail.

Kids need boundaries, they need discipline, and they need people to believe in them. As hard as governments try to replace parents, it will never happen. And we should not allow ourselves to be replaced by people who don’t care if our children pursue their dreams.

The government sees them as tools, as a number, and when they outlive their usefulness, the government throws them to the side. I’m off on a rabbit trail, let me get back on point.

Children, our children, are our future. They need dreams, encouragement, and a swift kick in the rump every now and then. Parents are needed more now than ever.

Our future depends on it.

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