A muddled mess of randomness…unedited…

It’s 0230.

I love pre-dawn mornings. Everything has slowed down, my mind is calm, and the coffee is hot. There is no rush to ‘accomplish’ anything.

It is peaceful. In our society today there is little room for peace. Everything on the television seems to cause some sort of panic. To cause our minds to stress over something we can’t control.

In an age of information, we drown in the hubbub of too much information. It’s no longer possible to mind only our own business, social media sites allow people to share what was once ‘intimate’ details of their lives.

And some people seem to revel in it.

There’s no privacy anymore. The government snoops through our emails, checks our phone logs, all in the name of ‘security.’ Gotta make sure you aren’t a terrorist they claim.

Now, fact checkers censor your thoughts and opinions. If you put an ‘unpopular’ opinion on Facebook, they slap a ‘missing context’ label on it. It’s the digital version of calling someone a liar.

Back in the day, you called people a liar to their face. If you dared.

 I have a different sense of humor, and sometimes I post things, such as a baby rattlesnake getting milk from their mother, just to see what people will say.

It’s amazing.

It seems that having a sense of humor has gone the way of the dodo birds. “That’s not scientifically possible!” Um, it’s a joke. Unknot your underwear already.

I’ve posted more than one type of humor to my social media accounts. I got nailed with the ban hammer for it too. I’m okay with it because I got a laugh out of it.

Humor makes the world tolerable. It takes the edge off reality. Once upon a time, I thought that was the purpose of whiskey. Now, I just sit back and watch the dumpster fire called life.

Plus, it’s Memorial Day weekend, and I’m a bit under the weather. I think I’ll stay home and remember my friends that didn’t make it home from the killing fields of war.

It’s the least I can do.

General George Patton once said, “It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived.”

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