Faithless…Chapter Five continues…unedited, incomplete…

Michelle Karter, owner of Jackson Titus, watched from across the street as Titus exited the hospital. He pulled his hood over his head and slid cheap sunglasses over his eyes. After glancing around, he melted into the midst of a large gaggle of people in the town square.
“I knew it,” she muttered. “He betrayed me.”
Michelle had spent years acquiring data, making plans, trading and selling secrets, until she had enough knowledge to make her move. While she gathered data on her enemies, she made a list of those she considered ‘expendable.’
She was fortunate to have acquired the debt of Titus’s original buyer. In a trade to settle the debt, she acquired Jackson Titus. The bearded beast of Fredericksburg. As she listened to the details of his past, and the skill set he possessed, a plan formed in the back of her mind.
Michelle had given him her list of ‘expenditures’, and he had crossed off the bulk of her enemies. Now, on the cusp of greatness, he had betrayed her. “How dare he,” she fumed as she walked back to her van. “Betrayal begets punishment.”
She climbed into the van and pulled out her small MacBook Air and typed in the password. A screen with a digital readout on the left side showed the oxygen and beats per minute of Jackson Titus’s heart. On the right was the image of his heart, and the tiny shape charge attached to the pulmonary artery.
“Betrayal begets betrayal,” she muttered as she pressed the enter key. She would just have to finish the list on her own.

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