It’s humid this morning.

I’m not even joking. The temperature reads 78, but the humidity is past 90. It feels like someone is shoving a wet wool blanket down your throat every time you step outside.

I guess I’ll stay indoors. However, that icky, sweaty feeling reminded me of the world we inhabit nowadays. It’s a constant rush to buy the newest things, or the un-ending work to show up the neighbors.

Given the climate of today’s society, I suppose it’s a miracle none of us has broken under the strain of just trying to make it. The heat is rising, the humidity staggering, the pressure building.

All I can do is write and hope someone is encouraged by what I wrote, or got lost in a story that I penned. At nigh 50 years old, I understand why adults game.

It’s a distraction, and it helps avoid the crumbling of our government for just a few hours. But take heart, there is still hope.

No one is truly lost as long as we have hope that tomorrow will be better.

On this Saturday morning, be of good cheer. It ain’t over yet.

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  1. Nope…it’s not over yet! Hold tight to your faith in God…he will see us through! Be strong and of good courage. Endure to the end…

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