An acknowledgment of what might have been…unedited…

Today, I was on my way to town, and I came to a sudden realization. On 19 May 1999, I got married to a pretty woman from Hawaii. Of course, a dozen years later, I got divorced from the same pretty woman.

Still, today would have made 23 years. If we had made it.

Of all the things I’ve failed at, marriage might have top honors for hurting the worst. The second worst is my retirement from the military. My anniversary for that happened last week.

You live and you learn, or you rinse and repeat. Either way, I found it interesting that I remembered it.

Take care.

2 thoughts on “An acknowledgment of what might have been…unedited…

  1. As someone divorced (then re-married a 2nd time) I can confirm that having a marriage break up is one of the worst and most painful things to have to go through 💗 I hope you’re doing ok now xx

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