An unwanted writing…finished….unedited…

Ever since I finished A Walk in Darkness I’ve struggled with a thought. “No, I’m not writing that,” I muttered time and time again, until now I’m writing it- for no other reason than to be rid of it.

We’ll call it A Bad Case of the Lonelies.

I hate writing about love, or anything to do with that emotion. There’s a reason I write weird stuff, or murder mysteries, and not romance. I’ve written one story that I kept, and it’s titled, Burn.

But this keeps playing over and over in my mind, so here we go.

On the day I penned my ending for A Walk in Darkness, I turned around in my library to celebrate with someone, and I was alone. It stung a bit. Okay, that’s not true, it stung a lot.

I was thrilled to have finished my story, and in the elation, I realized I had no one to share the joy with. I’m okay. It just seemed weird at the time. Today, I am okay with it.


I’ve been on the other side, where someone in your corner makes all the difference. It’s nice to have someone to share the accomplishment with.

The taste of a lonely life is bittersweet. Sure, you have more money, you don’t answer to anyone, and you are free to live your life however you want. And that’s all fine and dandy if that’s what you want out of your life.

On the other side of the coin, you have someone to experience the ups and downs of life with, someone to chat with, someone who brings color to your otherwise drab existence.

Either one works, depending on your heart’s desire.

I’ve written this thought out in 300 words. I won’t waste another concerning it.


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