The Three A.m Musings of A Recovering Addict, …unedited…

Good morning. 

It’s just past three a.m. here in North Mississippi. 

As I plop down in my recliner, type in my password, and take a sip of my coffee, I ponder what I’m doing up. It’s not unusual at this point. 

I’m up and down most nights. 

As the owner of three laptops, two MacBook’s and a dinosaur of an HP, I have an open document somewhere. This morning, I have my newest MacBook open. The open document is a case study of the fictional character Jesse Stone, created by Robert B. Parker. 

I’ve completed the nine-movie collection of the character, and for Hallmark movies, they are good. As a recovering addict, I find myself relating to his struggles to keep his head above the water. 

If Chunk was awake, he’d be staring at me with those big amber eyes, the way Jesse Stone’s dogs do. Recovering from an addiction is hard work. It’s been six years and six months since I last had a drink of alcohol. 

I’m thankful that I gave it up. If my liver could speak it’d probably shout out its agreement. Why am I writing about addiction this morning?

I suppose I could title this piece of writing The Three A.m. Musings of A Recovering Addict.  In other news, I’ll be attending a writer’s conference in Birmingham, Alabama within the next month. A little farther down the road, I will submit some work into the Faulkner Literary Competition. 

Good things are on the horizon. Sure, the world is a complete and utter mess, and filled with daily chaos by the ineptness of the world’s leaders, but hey, you take your wins where you can. 

As I grow older, I relate to my pal Chunk more and more. Sleep when you can, play as much as you can, be faithful to the end, and pee on the things you can’t control. 

Sounds like profound advice to me. 


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