Faithless…new writing, unedited, incomplete…

Lilly put Jane Franks in the back of the car, I got behind the wheel. Jane seemed a bit out of sorts, sobbing one moment and then growing quiet. We let her stew until we got downtown. The desk sergeant met us at the door.
“Ms. Franks lawyer is here. She isn’t happy.”
“You know it’s funny, but they never seem the type to be happy.”
“Yeah? Well, this one here is unhappier than most.”
A tall, well-dressed woman approached me. She glared at Jane Franks, and then directed her fierce gaze toward me.
“Are you Detective Thermopolis Konan?”
“I am.”
“Who do you think you are? You can’t burst into a meeting and drag a person of interest to the police station. This isn’t Russia, or China, or Cuba for God’s sake!”
“I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name.”
“I’m Destiny J. Bradley, and I am here to represent Ms. Franks, on behalf of the Council.”
“You work for the Council?”
“No. I do work for the Council.”
I looked at Lilly and smiled. She took Jane by the arm and led her to the conference room, Destiny and I followed. Lilly had Jane sit on one side of the table with her attorney, she and I sat across from them. Destiny scowled at us and waited for us to begin.
“Jane, as I explained to you in the car, you’re not under arrest. We had some questions concerning your brother and his, um, untimely death.”
“I understand, Detective Thompson.”
“Okay. So, we’ll go slow, and you take your time and give us any information that you might think is relevant.”
“Were you and your brother tight? Did you see each other on regular occasions?”
“Yes. We were very close.”
“Okay. Did he enjoy his work?”
“Sometimes. He wasn’t open about what all he did as a member of the Trinity.”
“I see. Did he get along with the other members of the Trinity?”
“I think so. Yes. Um, again, I don’t really know what he did.”
“Did your brother have any enemies, Jane?”
“Excuse me?”
Lilly stared at me, and I raised my eyebrows.
“Did your brother have people who hated him so much they would throw him in front of a moving train?”
“Oh my God,” Jane sobbed, “is that what happened to Terry?”
Lilly frowned, Destiny put her hand over Jane’s, and I shrugged.
“I don’t know, that’s what I am trying to figure out here.”
“He hadn’t been himself since Tia Mathers was arrested. Terry said that trouble was on its way to Fredericksburg.”
Lilly leaned forward and asked, “what did he mean by that?”
“I don’t know,” Jane said, as she dabbed at her eyes with a handkerchief. It had the initials W.T.S. embroidered upon it.
“As a board member for the country club, do you have any idea where the last remaining member of the Trinity is located?”
Destiny put her hand up, and whispered in Jane’s ear. Then, she turned to me and gave me a cold smile seemed to originate from her heart and traveled through her eyes and lips. I could have sworn the temperature dropped fifteen degrees when she smiled.
“I’ve instructed my client to not answer any questions of that nature. She doesn’t know where the last member is, and even if she did, she couldn’t release that information.”
“Well, that’s convenient,” Lilly snapped. I smiled.
“Yeah, the Council makes a big show of doing the right thing, all while not cooperating in the least. Gotta love them lawyers.”
Destiny smiled a genuine smile and leaned back in her chair.
“Do you have any more questions, detectives?”
Lilly shook her head, but I said, “yeah, I’ve got one more.”
“What is it, detective?”
“Who’s running the Council nowadays?”
“Winston Smith is the president of the board,” Destiny began. I shook my head no.
“I’m not talking about that bow tie wearing punk, Destiny. Who is the real power behind the Council? I’m going to find out one way or another. They can kill you, Jane Franks here, and anybody else they want to. Their days of hiding in the shadows is coming to an end.”
Destiny paled, and Jane Franks sobbed, for real this time. Lilly looked at me, but stayed quiet. Attorney and board member stayed mum, neither uttered a peak about who ran the show. I nodded.
“Okay. Let me run things through, just so we all know where we stand. Terry Franks was killed and thrown out in an abandoned train yard. My partner and I started asking questions, and BAM, Yvonne and the gate man at the country club are found dead this morning. Now, you two are in here, and no one answers my questions. What are the chances that we’re gonna find you two idiots dead in the morning in the same freaking place?”

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