Timing…a random musing…unedited…

Peonies, Spring 2022
I woke this morning with a thought burning through my mind.

“Life and sucess is a matter of timing.”

I don’t normally use images in my writings, but for the purpose of this post I decided to add a couple. These images are from my flowerbeds, and these peonies were the first to bloom into what you see before you. I’ve not worked the flowerbeds this past winter, in hopes they would bloom. As a matter of fact, I assumed the same lethargic routine I’ve always kept when it came to gardening.

Still, when their time was ready, they bloomed into the beautiful flower you see. It’s the same with people. Given the right environment, the right mixture, and the right time, we come into our own. My other flowers are now blooming, each coming out when it’s their season.

In the Scriptures there’s a verse, somewhere in Ecclesiastes I believe, that reads (I paraphrase): There’s a time and season for all things. A time to sow, a time to reap…

So, I would like to encourage you by telling you to keep working toward your dreams. If you haven’t achieved them yet, keep going. There’s a season where your hard work will pay off. Keep your goals in sight, you’ve got this.

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