Voices…an early morning writing, pre-coffee…unedited…

Good morning. 

I wanted to take a few moments and encourage someone today. It’s almost three here, and I woke to this thought: Be careful of the voices you listen to.

The world has become this cesspool filled with things that make us anxious. It’s also filled with stress, depression, and negative self-talk. 

When I was a boy, my mom and dad were very protective of my brother and I. They screened what we read and what we listened to. As a kid, I thought of these steps as overbearing and more than a little authoritarian. 

But given the state of the world today, I’m thankful they went as far as they did in protecting us. The mind is a tank, and if you fill it with garbage, you will get garbage results.

There are some voices that are destructive. On more than one occasion I considered a permanent solution to temporary problems. 

“You’re no good to anyone. Kill yourself and be done with it.”

I’m thankful I wasn’t successful, and God has blessed me with a second chance. I don’t know why my mind went here this morning, but know that you’re cherished. You are needed, and you have a purpose. 

Your voice is unique in a world where conformity is preached. Use it to encourage someone to finish. Be an encourager. There are enough nay-sayers, enough critics, enough opportunistic backstabbers in the world. 

Be a rebel. Be a light to someone in this cold, dark world. 

In being a light to someone else, we may find our way out of the darkness. 

You guys take it easy. Be blessed. 


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