Huzzah! A Walk in Darkness, the draft, is finished! Unedited…

Good morning and Happy Easter (if you celebrate the holiday).

I am pleased as punch to say that A Walk in Darkness is finished. Whew. As I typed the last few words, a sense of elation passed over me. You guys are wonderful, and I’m thankful you are here to revel with me in the joy of a finished project.

Along with the elation came another feeling, a sense of relief I suppose. Ten years is a long time to struggle with a story, or at least it is with me. To have it out and on paper is overwhelming. Now, the real work begins. I’m going to take a break, maybe go back and finish up a Thermopolis Konan adventure and see what those clowns are up to.

I also have a couple of stories to enter into contest that I must prepare. The stories are Holes and The Recluse, and while I’ve ran them through Hemingway and Pro Writing Aid, I need to have them sent to an editor for one last edit.

So, there’s much to do and little time to do it in. Therein lies the joy of writing though. It’s the rush of excitement as the story breaks, and it seems to flow from your fingertips. And on the flip side of that coin, it’s the frustration and coffee guzzling in the middle of the night as we search our brains for the right word to describe our haggard state.

Good times.

You guys take it easy, and I’ll catch up with you all soon. Good luck on your writing adventures!

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