The trouble with worrying…unedited…

I’ve had a couple of frustrating days.

My monthly payment hasn’t arrived at its destination yet. That’s caused me no end of fretting, but as I told myself last night: “Worrying isn’t going to make it show up any quicker.” So, I washed my hands of it. It’ll show up, it always does.

Some people worry about everything. I try not to. All worrying does is stress the heart and the mind. I’ve got enough crap going on, I don’t need worrying butting in and trying to take over. Now, my glasses are missing.

I tore my house apart yesterday in search of my parcel, proof of the parcel, and just ransacked my house in search of anything that would lead me to it. After I put everything back, I got up this morning and couldn’t find my glasses. Then, I tore it all apart again.

“Where’s the parcel? WHERE ARE MY GLASSES?”

I’ve flipped crap out, searched my vehicles, and all but ripped my books out of my bookshelves. Heck, I even searched my fridge. I know they’re here. Hiding. Camouflaged from my vision, or the lack thereof. Finally, I found a pair. They fell in the back of my recliner.

So, there you go. Stressing about it didn’t help me find them. All stress did was cloud my mind and make it more difficult to find. Well, that’s been my misadventure for the day. I pray you all have a wonderful weekend.


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