A Walk in Darkness…Milestone…unedited…

I’ve done it. I surpassed 44,000 words.

Way back, when Freeman’s Front Porch Musings was just conceived, I started my first attempt at writing AWID. I was so cocky and self-assured.

“I’ve got this,” I told a friend of mine. “It’s my story. There’s nothing to this writing gig.”

So stupid. But for a first effort, I hit 44k fairly quick. Interestingly enough, it was at this point that I could not seem to break through. So, I deleted it.

Yeah. That’s never a good idea, but I was new to writing. “It’ll come back to me; I just need to tweak it…”

I spent the next three NANOWRIMO’s trying to find the mojo I was so sure would come back to me. Every time I was met with failure. Here I am now though with over 47k words written and my story is now 183 pages long.

Y’all cross your fingers, because it looks like this project will get completed. After a decade, it’s safe to say it’s about time.

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